The Team 2016/17

Dan Brady, Co-Editor and Managing Editor.

“Hi. I’m a second-year English and History student and this is my second year being involved with The Founder. I had a brilliant time writing for the paper last year and I’m incredibly privileged to be Co-Editor this year – it’s an honour to help bring the Royal Holloway community another year of the best writing and journalism on campus. When I’m not buried under a mountain of books I enjoy skateboarding, surfing and staring at splashes of paint on canvas and pretending to understand what they mean. If you’d like to know more, think we could do something better, or think we’re missing something, you can email me through Alternatively, you can message Lilia and I at”

Lilia Vargas Costello, Designer and Co-Editor.

“As Co-Editor and Designer of The Founder, I spend most of my time hunched over a laptop in Imagine. When I’ve got some free time, I’m usually hunched over a laptop in the library, editing and designing two different creative writing magazines. Being a third-year English and Creative Writing student at the same time, its safe to say that words rule my life. Still, allowing students to publish their work, be it creative or journalistic, means I wouldn’t have it any other way. From late nights reading stories over, to early morning sending the last few pages to print, seeing the finished product is always worth the enormous effort the entire staff puts into the newspaper. If, by chance, I’m not hunched over a laptop somewhere, you can probably find me baking a pie.”

Rosa Smith, News Editor.

“My name’s Rosa Smith and I’m a second-year English and Creative Writing student. I applied to be News Editor at The Founder after doing work experience at several newspapers this summer and really enjoying it. Being the News Editor means I get to be involved with a lot of what’s going on around campus and the local area, and has made me a lot more aware! I’d like to go into journalism in the future maybe – but I think it’s hard to be completely certain at this stage. My advice for first-years is probably advice you’ve heard countless times already, but get involved with as much as you can, not just at Uni but during the holidays too. Never turn down an opportunity, there are lessons to be learnt from everything!”

Suzannah Ball, Deputy News Editor.

“I am an english and philosophy student at Royal Holloway. I’m a member of the horse riding club and deputy news editor of the Founder. I joined the Founder as I wanted some real experience of writing for a news paper in order to get a taste of journalism, I had only ever written creatively before. As deputy news editor I write about what has happened around the egham and englefield green area, while also touching on topics around the world which may have significance upon us as students and people of the modern world. For example, I really enjoyed writing about Trump’s rise to presidency as that was something I felt passionate about – although it did have to be edited to get out any bias. I enjoy being able to leave my mark through the paper at RHUL.”

Amanda Hudson, Opinions and Debate Editor.

“I’m a second year English and Creative Writing student, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. When my friend Lilia (one of the co-editors) told me last summer that the Opinion and Debate section of The Founder still needed a section editor, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I had spent nearly the entirety of the summer ranting on Facebook about the train wreck that was the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, writing a politically charged novel, and arguing with my conservative leaning grandfather about various social issues. This is what lead me to believe that being the section editor for the Opinion and Debate section would be the perfect fit for me. However, my section is about more than voicing your opinion- it’s also about recognising that there is more than one way to look at an argument, and that there will always be multiple points of view. No matter what your point of view is on any given topic, I hope you enjoy reading the Opinion and Debate section.”

Ryan Lewis Nair, Film Editor.

“Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m the film editor for The Founder. I’m currently an MA student studying English literature and I adore the arts. At the end of this year I want to enter the publishing sector ideally in the field of music as as well as film, music is my passion.To work for NME or Pitchfork would honestly be my dream. Writing for The Founder is a great chance to showcase my writing and to talk about pieces of art that motivate and inspire me is every writer’s dream. I could not recommend getting involved more!”

Sam Barker, Music Editor.

“My name is Sam, I’m a regretful post-grad student learning how to write a novel. I am the music section editor, and applied for the position because I like power. I like being pretentious about music, listening to songs once and condemning them for all eternity and then liking it the next day when I hear it without knowing what it is, and playing annoyingly catchy songs for other people so that I’m not the only person suffering. I spend a lot of my time writing across various different genres and formats – comedy, fiction, theatre, music, etc. – and trying to reconcile my hatred of pretentiousness with the fact that I dress like a pretentious wanker, talk like a pretentious wanker, write like a pretentious wanker, and use ironic hashtags on my Instagram account. But at least I’m self-aware, so it’s less annoying, right?”

Tom Hawkins, Features Editor.

“I’m Tom and I’m a third-year English student. As Features Editor I spend a lot of time trying to think of something interesting to take up the centre pages of the paper with, before frantically emailing people to make my ideas reality. This includes some sacrifices, whether it’s going vegan for a month or just talking to other RHUL students. I do a bunch of other things for the paper including some design stuff, proof-reading and photography. Other times I’ll be trying to get my reading done while most of my attention is taken up by whatever Netflix show has taken my fancy.”

Emily May-Webber, Lifestyle Editor.

“Hi my name is Emily, and I am a second year English student. My role as Lifestyle Editor of the Founder is a way that I can engage with the student body of Royal Holloway whilst writing about things I am currently interested with. I enjoy reading magazines, following blogs and I am very excited about my journalism placements this summer. I volunteer as a dog walker, and also drink endless cups of tea to get through all my reading!”

Lizzie Silverberg, Sports Editor.

“Hi, I’m Lizzie Silverberg and I am in my second year at Royal Holloway, studying History and International Relations. This year I am Sports Editor for The Founder. When I started Royal Holloway I took up Lacrosse, which is a sport that I have always wanted to try. This year I wanted to be even more involved in Uni life, and jumped at the chance of being Sports Editor. I’d encourage first-years to get involved with sports and societies, making the most of all opportunities available and chances to make new friends.”

Grace Bilney, Online Editor.


Michele Theil, Deputy-Online Editor.

“Hi, I’m Michele and I am a first year English student. I am the deputy-online editor and my job is to assist the online editor with the website and make sure it all runs smoothly. I hope that you enjoy looking at this website and that we’ve done a good enough job. When I’m not working on The Founder, I am working for The Orbital (yes I am in both camps) and procrastinating my degree in favour of journalism because I am a fool and want to do that with my life. You can always find me in the Boilerhouse Cafe escaping the mountain of books I haven’t read – wish me luck!”