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Tackling Uni Homesickness

Cyann Fielding | Content Writer Homesickness whilst at university is a common feeling amongst students, but with a rather weird past year a new kind of homesickness has emerged: a homesickness for your university home. With many students unable to return to campus following the New Year, many feel as if they are missing out on their independence, missing their friends, and also their freedom. … Continue reading Tackling Uni Homesickness

Preparing for Student Life Living Within the ‘New Normal’

Katie Upton | Lifestyle Editor In a matter of months, our world has been turned upside down. These whirlwind few months have meant for a time of reflection upon student life and the things we take for granted. Whether it’s nights out at the SU or Medicine, catch-ups in Crosslands or simply being able to work in the library. We’ve all experienced a change in … Continue reading Preparing for Student Life Living Within the ‘New Normal’

General Wellbeing at University

Student | Reka Goupil Moving to university is a big deal. Whether you’re excited to be waving your parents goodbye, or sad to miss home-cooked meals and your dog, I’m sure you’d like to emerge unscathed and mental breakdown free. While taking care of yourself fully for the first time may come naturally to some, I definitely think there is a learning curve. Here are … Continue reading General Wellbeing at University

National Stress Awareness Day: Managing Stress at University

Designer | Helena Keeble University can be an extremely stressful time for many students. You are expected to juggle your academic work, fit in exercise, perhaps have a paid job, or two, or three to keep your finances stable, as well as maintain a social life in an already busy term. Finding this balance can be one of the hardest things students have to do … Continue reading National Stress Awareness Day: Managing Stress at University

A Fresher’s guide to joining societies

Lifestyle Editor | Kyrie Roxby Starting university can be both exciting and intimidating. You’re away from home for long periods of time in a completely unfamiliar place. But, university life presents so many unique opportunities, both academic and socially. Freshers’ week is all about learning your way around, acclimating to the atmosphere, newfound independence and making friends. We all know the huge cliché about the … Continue reading A Fresher’s guide to joining societies