The Addams Family: A Spooktacular Performance

Editor | Cassandra Lau Royal Holloway’s Musical Theatre Society brings a spooktacular performance of The Addams Family to the Student Union’s main stage. Director Harriet Williams has steered the society towards a different direction this year, bringing “some comedy to the society”. Besides loving a good laugh, Williams explains, “I wanted something different: something fun and funny.” Admitting that “comedy’s quite hard”, she says she has been … Continue reading The Addams Family: A Spooktacular Performance

The Art of Oppression

November 1644, England is gripped by civil war, the factions of the puritanical Parliamentarians and the foppish Cavaliers divide a nation. Austerity counterpoised with decadence, freedom with the oppressive rule of the old guard; has Parliament really changed all that much? Amidst the political upheaval and social turmoil John Milton publishes his Areopagitica. As an address to Parliament, the pamphlet argues in defence of the … Continue reading The Art of Oppression

The Tempest – The Royal Theatre Haymarket

The Tempest, supposedly Shakespeare’s final play, is considered by some to be an elegiac farewell to the theatre, and in this new production at the Haymarket, Trevor Nunn brings this to the forefront. The play is notably one slow, drawn-out goodbye to the island, magic and the stage under his direction.  Crowds drawn in by the big-name stars from two of Britain’s most successful series, … Continue reading The Tempest – The Royal Theatre Haymarket

The “Celebrity” Theatre

Many RHUL students choose to take advantage of some of the excellent offers available to students to watch West End shows. With London’s theatres offering day seats and student tickets for between £5 -£30, it’s definitely something that’s both worthwhile and affordable.  I myself have been somewhat overindulgent with these offers this summer (much to the detriment of my bank balance). It strikes me that, … Continue reading The “Celebrity” Theatre

Former Head of Drama and Theatre passes away

Regretfully, the former head of our Drama and Theatre department, David Bradby, passed away on the 17th of January. Bradby was an important figure in the department from 1988 until he retired in 2007. The department came a long way in those years and is now one of the best theatre departments in the United Kingdom. Bradby began his studies at Oxford where his interest … Continue reading Former Head of Drama and Theatre passes away