‘Service Station’, Leila Dickinson

Service Station Maybe you could buy me a neck cushion, an overpriced coffee or a Krispy Kreme from WHSmith. You could laugh at me in baggy on-the-road clothes, glorified pjs you might say. Perhaps you’d wait for me outside the loos and we’d moan about how they need a good clean. We might discuss how strange it is to have gambling stations here. If I … Continue reading ‘Service Station’, Leila Dickinson

‘i think stars taste like tinfoil’, Hannah Bean

i think stars taste like tinfoil i think stars taste like tinfoil. hearts are always wine- dark, tempered, stomach-stirred, ripe like my mother’s berries, our saved summers. but stars are crisp, sharp-edged, burnt hollow, stamped static. they taste warm until the blood stops tasting sweet and starts tasting like metal again. and a few times a year i wrap myself up and i werewolf myself … Continue reading ‘i think stars taste like tinfoil’, Hannah Bean

‘Delay No More’, Anon.

Delay No More  Delay no more Discussion of our handover. Our future, discussed over Foreign blood. ‘How’s that Pekking Duck’, smiles Deng, ‘A little raw’, Thatcher notes.  Delay no more Discussion of bold men, In cravats and ties. Panda express, ‘one Donald deal, with a side of Leung.’ System Error.  Delay no more Discussion of broken umbrellas, Abducted books, and anger infused tears. Take our … Continue reading ‘Delay No More’, Anon.

Storytelling Competition Winners

Cassandra Lau | Editor Apologies for the suspense as The Founder, The Orbital and our judges have had to make some tough decisions. All pieces submitted were a pleasure to read, and watch. We have had submissions ranging from the Physics Department to the Psychology Department which is incredible! It just goes to show that creativity exists and stretches across every corner of Royal Holloway, … Continue reading Storytelling Competition Winners

Short Story: ‘The District Line’ by Anon.

The Founder x The Orbital Storytelling Competition | Anon.   Daily routine was important to Nick; alarm going off, hitting the snooze button, showering, applying gel to his receding hairline and eating a hearty bowl of All Bran while catching the end of the weather report on Good Morning Britain. Everyday he would catch the 8:10am train, grabbing a cappuccino from Starbucks. He had it … Continue reading Short Story: ‘The District Line’ by Anon.

Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition

What is National Storytelling Week? National Storytelling Week is the celebration of differing means of story telling. From ancient oral storytelling to written or drawn methods, its aim is to empower the narrator and support the unique bond between the story teller and listener. So what’s the deal? For 7 days of the week from 26th January to 2nd February, there will be 7 awards … Continue reading Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition