Corona and Culture

Sela Musa | Features Editor Music is one of the only things that is indifferent to our differences. It is a culture of haze and lyrical beckoning, of youthful anticipation, of peaks and troughs of happy and sad days. And, like almost everything else affected by this pandemic, the culture is inevitably changing and there is no guarantee it will come back. Corona has completely … Continue reading Corona and Culture

Toxic Club Culture

Sela Musa | Features Editor   How making sure you aren’t a killjoy seems to be in the small print of joining university sports clubs. Toxic club culture (TCC) refers to one of the many subcultures created by clubs – mainly sports clubs – that alienates certain people in and out of them. There’s disagreement on what makes a culture ‘toxic’. For example, the drinking … Continue reading Toxic Club Culture

Interview with “Young Minds are Precious” Founder Zeshan Iqbal

Interviewed by: Eliot K. Raman Jones | Sports Editor In cooperation with: Carlota Santos Movilla | News Editor Sela Musa | Features Editor    Zeshan Iqbal started “Young Minds Are Precious” on June 27th 2020. He graduated in 2020 and will be starting an MSc in Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway in September.   Good morning Zeshan. So, what is “Young Minds are Precious”? Zeshan … Continue reading Interview with “Young Minds are Precious” Founder Zeshan Iqbal