Storytelling Competition Winners

Cassandra Lau | Editor Apologies for the suspense as The Founder, The Orbital and our judges have had to make some tough decisions. All pieces submitted were a pleasure to read, and watch. We have had submissions ranging from the Physics Department to the Psychology Department which is incredible! It just goes to show that creativity exists and stretches across every corner of Royal Holloway, … Continue reading Storytelling Competition Winners

The Appeal of Short and Sweet Poetry

Dep. Sports Editor | Jack Wright One of the greatest consistencies within literature is variety. Naturally, this extends to poetry. Genres and themes fade in and out of fashion as cultures evolve and public interest shifts. Homer’s epic poetry, passed on through oral tradition, differs in tone and content from Emily Dickinson’s quatrains. While spotting the differences between one “big” literary name and another, the … Continue reading The Appeal of Short and Sweet Poetry

Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition

What is National Storytelling Week? National Storytelling Week is the celebration of differing means of story telling. From ancient oral storytelling to written or drawn methods, its aim is to empower the narrator and support the unique bond between the story teller and listener. So what’s the deal? For 7 days of the week from 26th January to 2nd February, there will be 7 awards … Continue reading Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition