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Palestine General Strike: 18th May 2021

Izzi Vaughan | Editor in Chief Today marks a general strike and day of action across occupied Palestine, which will disrupt all economic and commercial activity in Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank, Gaza and Palestinian communities inside Israel as well as the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. As of yesterday at least 192 people, including 58 children, have been killed in the Gaza Strip in the … Continue reading Palestine General Strike: 18th May 2021

The Art of Oppression

November 1644, England is gripped by civil war, the factions of the puritanical Parliamentarians and the foppish Cavaliers divide a nation. Austerity counterpoised with decadence, freedom with the oppressive rule of the old guard; has Parliament really changed all that much? Amidst the political upheaval and social turmoil John Milton publishes his Areopagitica. As an address to Parliament, the pamphlet argues in defence of the … Continue reading The Art of Oppression