The Art of Voting Tactically

Opinion and Debate Editor | Niamh Houston Following Boris Johnson’s failure to gain support for his proposed Brexit strategy, the current UK Prime Minister has called for a general election in the hopes of gaining a ruling majority of the Conservative party. With more seats behind Johnson in parliament, he would be much more likely to get his deal approved and in turn ‘Get Brexit … Continue reading The Art of Voting Tactically

Amazon Wildfires Place Population in ‘Climate Emergency’

Niamh Houston | Opinion and Debate Editor Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is currently experiencing record numbers of fires, with many pointing to the environmental policies of the newly elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, as the cause. While on the campaign trail in 2018, Bolsonaro made controversial promises surrounding environmental policy including Brazil’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and the opening of indigenous, environmentally protected territories to mining … Continue reading Amazon Wildfires Place Population in ‘Climate Emergency’