Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition

What is National Storytelling Week? National Storytelling Week is the celebration of differing means of story telling. From ancient oral storytelling to written or drawn methods, its aim is to empower the narrator and support the unique bond between the story teller and listener. So what’s the deal? For 7 days of the week from 26th January to 2nd February, there will be 7 awards … Continue reading Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition

{Album Review} Paul McCartney: Egypt Station

Content Writer | Annora Sundararajan A McCartney concept album at its finest. Filled with pangs of nostalgia and a sense of hope; cue the constant air punching because this album is a solid banger. In specific, I’d like to point out the album’s 5th track ‘Who Cares’, a definite toe-tapper if nothing else, but since it’s McCartney, it becomes so much more. The lyrics including the … Continue reading {Album Review} Paul McCartney: Egypt Station

Absolute Harmony Wow at Spring Concert

Absolute Harmony’s Spring Concert: 15th and 16th March 2013 – raising money for Marie Curie. I’ve been lucky enough to see Absolute Harmony perform a few times at university, and they’ve never disappointed. Their Spring Concert was no different. Set in the less-than-salubrious Arts Lecture Theatre, Absolute Harmony showcased their take on a number of classic pop songs, including ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Take Your Mama’; … Continue reading Absolute Harmony Wow at Spring Concert

“You don’t know Dubstep!”

It was the first night of Founders where it all began: Twenty-plus guys crammed into one room awkwardly sipping their beers, scrabbling for any common ground with the guy next to him. After the classic “where you from?”, “what you studying?” and blurting out various anecdotes from your holiday away with the lads; the subject inevitably turns to music and in particular what was blasting … Continue reading “You don’t know Dubstep!”