General Wellbeing at University

Student | Reka Goupil Moving to university is a big deal. Whether you’re excited to be waving your parents goodbye, or sad to miss home-cooked meals and your dog, I’m sure you’d like to emerge unscathed and mental breakdown free. While taking care of yourself fully for the first time may come naturally to some, I definitely think there is a learning curve. Here are … Continue reading General Wellbeing at University

Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Student | Rebecca Williams Living on campus is most certainly the easy option – no bills to pay and pretty much everything is on your doorstep. Not to mention the cleaners. Waking up five minutes before a lecture begins does not even stop you from going. The convenience levels of living on campus are through the roof, but its accessibility to lectures and seminars may … Continue reading Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

The Miscarriage of Triage

Medicine is not a retrospective discipline; it is by nature progressive. Therefore, medicine requires intelligence, intuition, and compassion, and as such there is an abrasive blindness when a system of care becomes stagnant. Neonatal care is such a system: it demands that we indulge in its self-inflicted hyperbolic morality, without reasonably assessing its qualities and impact upon other wards. The infant ward frightens us and … Continue reading The Miscarriage of Triage