Album review: ‘¡Dos!’ – Green Day

Whether it’s due to anger, resentment of just general shenanigans, the trio are delivering a record that devours its way into a chaotic world of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Mischievous female characters are regularly involved in the record: ‘Ashley’ is a comeback to an ex-girlfriend, packed with snarky, cold remarks; a female vocalist predominantly leads the dark but equally compelling ‘Nightlife’ with its … Continue reading Album review: ‘¡Dos!’ – Green Day

Album review: ¡Uno! – Green Day

Three years after the release of 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day’s latest album ¡Uno! shows that the band have toned down their social and political lyrical content, following the more conventional message of the stereotypical musicians’ lifestyle: sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. It feels as if they’ve stepped away from the more serious topics and descended into more light-hearted messages: lost love, drinking to … Continue reading Album review: ¡Uno! – Green Day