“Don’t Try To Understand It, Just Feel It.” – A Tenet Review

Lewis White | Film Editor Christopher Nolan returns with his new espionage thriller starring John David Washington: Tenet. The director, known for the dark knight trilogy and Inception (2010), has created a film so ambitious that it is admirable, so confusing that it is infuriating. Tenet opens with a high octane introduction to John David Washington as our protagonist…called Protagonist. Protagonist is taken across the … Continue reading “Don’t Try To Understand It, Just Feel It.” – A Tenet Review


Film Editor | Graciela Mae Chico Our Not in Cinemassection is back, this time with reviews of more Netflix originals: The Silence, Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé, Annihilation and productions by Ricky Gervais. As we enter a new film festival season, with Cannes opening its shores to a new wave of films this May, streaming juggernaut Netflix is pulling out more tricks from its sleeve … Continue reading NOT IN CINEMAS

Review: ‘Us’

Film Columnist | Erin Leonard Burdened with high expectations, Jordan Peele’s sophomore feature was always at risk of falling into the shadows of his much-acclaimed debut, Get Out. But Us is a film truly worthy of its own acclaim. Led by Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, the ensemble cast made sure that Peele’s intelligent script successfully made its way onto the big screen. The competition … Continue reading Review: ‘Us’

{Review} Welcome Home

Film Columnist | Samuel Mcloughlin Welcome Home sees Emily Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul unite as damaged American couple Bryan and Cassie attempting to mend their broken relationship with an idyllic trip to the Italian countryside. However, things turn sinister when their mysterious neighbour wedges himself between them. The story crawls to a start and the stilted and inorganic dialogue doesn’t help the time pass any quicker. … Continue reading {Review} Welcome Home