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The Importance of a More Diverse Curriculum

Kenza Garmzi | Content Writer When children enter a class, they should be obtaining information that is factual, useful, and which sets them up for later life. A curriculum that does not accurately reflect the diversity of the children in a class should have no place in today’s education. The UK is rapidly becoming a more diverse setting, with London having 40% of its population … Continue reading The Importance of a More Diverse Curriculum

Cuts? SURHUL says No

If you’ve wandered across campus recently, the chances are you will have seen a poster proclaiming “Cuts? SURHUL says No,” been encouraged to attend a lobby of College Council or told come on the November 9th National Demo. You may have found your Facebook notifications flooded with invites to Education Assemblies, sub-committee meetings or alternative nights out. It’s equally feasible that you’ve been wondering why: … Continue reading Cuts? SURHUL says No