The Tempest – The Royal Theatre Haymarket

The Tempest, supposedly Shakespeare’s final play, is considered by some to be an elegiac farewell to the theatre, and in this new production at the Haymarket, Trevor Nunn brings this to the forefront. The play is notably one slow, drawn-out goodbye to the island, magic and the stage under his direction.  Crowds drawn in by the big-name stars from two of Britain’s most successful series, … Continue reading The Tempest – The Royal Theatre Haymarket

The “Celebrity” Theatre

Many RHUL students choose to take advantage of some of the excellent offers available to students to watch West End shows. With London’s theatres offering day seats and student tickets for between £5 -£30, it’s definitely something that’s both worthwhile and affordable.  I myself have been somewhat overindulgent with these offers this summer (much to the detriment of my bank balance). It strikes me that, … Continue reading The “Celebrity” Theatre