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Review: The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019)

Film Columnist | Erin Leonard Daniel Farrands adds another film to his portfolio with the release of a based-on-a-true-story piece about The Manson Family and the most well-known of their victims. The movie reorients itself in the mind of Sharon Tate in the weeks leading up to her death and creates a character out of her that draws the audience’s attention away from a somewhat … Continue reading Review: The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019)

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Diego Cusano: Fantasy Researcher

Student Writer | Svilena Iotkovska Diego Cusano, Italian illustration artist and self-titled ‘Fantasy Researcher’, produces art that challenges the way we view everyday objects and offers a creative perspective on ordinary life. Cusano rejects the title of an artist. In an interview with Kanbini, he says ‘Nowadays, anyone can be an artist. No, I’m more of a “fantasy researcher”: every day I get up and … Continue reading Diego Cusano: Fantasy Researcher

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Waitress: “Biblically Good”

Literary Review Editor | Rachel Farguson Having been listening to the Waitress soundtrack and watching performance clips for a good few months now, I was more than a little bit excited to finally get to see the show live. When our upper circle matinee tickets were upgraded to stalls tickets I was more excited still, but I am certain that this show would be as phenomenal … Continue reading Waitress: “Biblically Good”

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Nobel Prize for Literature 1982

Student Writer | Joshua Rice Upon his death in 2014, Gabriel Garcia Marquez was declared to be ‘the greatest Colombian who ever lived’ by then president of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos. A central pillar of the Latin American renaissance of the 1960s, Marquez enjoyed several decades of literary fame. Marquez became renowned for going beyond surrealist literature, which transports the reader to another world, to … Continue reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Nobel Prize for Literature 1982

Writers at the Centre of the Contemporary Literary Scene

Student Writer | Katie Philippou Looking for something fresh to read? Here is a short guide to contemporary writers who are sure to keep the fantastic reads coming: Sally Rooney Sally Rooney is new onto the Irish literary scene. She was named the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year in 2017 and has only just started. Rooney’s first novel Conversations with Friends(2017) is perfectly … Continue reading Writers at the Centre of the Contemporary Literary Scene

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Zakariya Al-Jaber: The 6-year-old martyr of Medina

Managing Editor | Zahra In early February, Zakariya Al-Jaber was ravenously beheaded in front of his mother. Zakariya was killed near a coffee shop by a taxi driver with a piece of broken glass, despite the intervention of an officer. The mother was said to have collapsed due to the trauma. Zakariya and his mother were supposed to be visiting the shrine of Prophet Mohammad … Continue reading Zakariya Al-Jaber: The 6-year-old martyr of Medina

‘Service Station’, Leila Dickinson

Service Station Maybe you could buy me a neck cushion, an overpriced coffee or a Krispy Kreme from WHSmith. You could laugh at me in baggy on-the-road clothes, glorified pjs you might say. Perhaps you’d wait for me outside the loos and we’d moan about how they need a good clean. We might discuss how strange it is to have gambling stations here. If I … Continue reading ‘Service Station’, Leila Dickinson

‘i think stars taste like tinfoil’, Hannah Bean

i think stars taste like tinfoil i think stars taste like tinfoil. hearts are always wine- dark, tempered, stomach-stirred, ripe like my mother’s berries, our saved summers. but stars are crisp, sharp-edged, burnt hollow, stamped static. they taste warm until the blood stops tasting sweet and starts tasting like metal again. and a few times a year i wrap myself up and i werewolf myself … Continue reading ‘i think stars taste like tinfoil’, Hannah Bean