SURHUL leads the way for NUS reform conference

The three major complaints about the NUS are, according to Wes Streeting (NUS VP Education), that the organisation needs to be more democratic, more representative, and more relevant. That is what the White Paper promises to enact. At the moment the NUS is plagued by ‘decision making that is bogged down in processes to the detriment of outcomes, and access to those processes has been … Continue reading SURHUL leads the way for NUS reform conference

SURHUL President supports NUS Extraordinary Conference

Joff Manning, the President of Royal HollowayÂ’s StudentsÂ’ Union, has come out in support of the Extraordinary Conference. He stated that: “The Governance structures of the NUS have stayed relatively untouched since the formation of the National Union in the early 1900s, but student numbers, student lifestyles, and student debt have changed forever. ItÂ’s time for the NUS to acknowledge that its membership has changed, … Continue reading SURHUL President supports NUS Extraordinary Conference

Attacking the glamour bigots

Firstly, there is the general discriminatory nature of the industry itself to address. As we all know, more voluptuous women are seriously under-represented, as is the perhaps more ‘masculineÂ’ look, and older women. Racial discrimination, though of course deeply unfair and unacceptable, must be seen in the context of the generally discriminatory culture of beauty and fashion. Would the industry be forgiven for its support … Continue reading Attacking the glamour bigots

The Enemy Within

I shall begin with a damning condemnation of the ‘distortionistasÂ’, the rightwing journalists that manipulate information and deceive millions into believing that the well-trodden paths of xenophobia and chauvinism lead to Illyria. MurdochÂ’s deplorable rags dominate the market. The Daily Mail rears its swollen head from the flotsam of the 1950s, outselling all but The Sun and igniting a renaissance of reactionary politics. The right … Continue reading The Enemy Within

1001 books to read before you die (Issue 3)

The story documents an epic battle between a Cuban fisherman and a giant fish. He spends two days and nights with the enormous fish pulling along his skiff (small boat). ItÂ’s a story of endurance and stamina and a commitment to the tasks you take on. After a run of 84 days bad luck Santiago (referred to in the book as the ‘old manÂ’) decides … Continue reading 1001 books to read before you die (Issue 3)

Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division

Stephen MorrisÂ’s throbbing drumbeat announces the album on “Disorder” only to be met by the dueling duo of bass and guitar, Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner. Soon after, Curtis swoons in with a voice equal part syrup and doom. His baritone seduces the listener but coupled with the ominous lyrics, he presents a world devoid of connection or order – the song ends with Curtis … Continue reading Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division

Do referees get a hard time? Or do they deserve the criticism?

How good are the referees though in making decisions in the BUSA and ULU leagues that our Holloway athletes compete in? A couple of weeks ago a general meeting was called by the University of London Union for the captains of their corresponding teams to take in a few pointers regarding this subject. However instead of ULU delegating what the captains should be doing, perhaps … Continue reading Do referees get a hard time? Or do they deserve the criticism?


This film follows would-be Humphrey Bogart, the French Michel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo, in this his career-defining role) as he wanders about Paris in search of sex and money. He hounds American Patricia Franchini (an icy cool yet ultimately vacant Jean Seberg) until they arrange plans to leave Paris for Rome. However, PoiccardÂ’s crimes (heÂ’s wanted for murder) finally overwhelm Franchini and she turns him in … Continue reading Breathless

End of the Rainbow – an interview with the director

CastChris Lee – DirectorFran Gardiner – Stage Manager/President of The Student WorkshopPrudence Chamberlain – JudyNicholas Fleming – AnthonyEdward Pemberton – Mickey Deans BT: Judy Garland was an incredibly complex character, with failed marriages, drug abuse and suicide attempts, what was it that attracted you to the script? Why End of the Rainbow? CL: Since directing little voice, plays with music have been really inviting to … Continue reading End of the Rainbow – an interview with the director