Bridgend’s suicides: Theories and facts

In this article, I do not for a minute wish to dismiss the suicides of those people as unimportant; in my view, a single suicide is one too many. I would, however, like to point out that public reactions and media handling of the issue are producing a patronising and blinkered vision of young people, and highlights the ignorance of mental health problems and suicide … Continue reading Bridgend’s suicides: Theories and facts

An audience with Michael Palin

Conducted in the style of an informal question and answer session between the pair, the interview covered the whole of PalinÂ’s professional life; from discovering his comic talents while at Oxford University through to his latest travel documentary; ‘New EuropeÂ’. The first half of the interview built up to his work in ‘Monty PythonÂ’s Flying CircusÂ’; which led Palin on to discuss how Python enabled … Continue reading An audience with Michael Palin

Wheen Lecture and God Debate Enlightening

WheenÂ’s delightful lecture poked fun at our species (I am speaking as a Homo sapien) and our tendency to submit to group hysteria over such things as Dutch tulip speculation, astrology and human rebirthing rituals (as practiced by Tony Blair and his wife), self-help gurus, and other myths and their makers. His theory boils down to the fact that we humans are all too willing … Continue reading Wheen Lecture and God Debate Enlightening

QUAD is launched

The magazine is edited by renowned student photographer, John Hunter. John has significant experience in the realm of professional photography and has pulled together a team of extraordinary students at Royal Holloway to make up the editorial board: "We have style and fashion editors who run a vintage clothing business and intern at Vogue respectively. We have the Head of the Music from the radio … Continue reading QUAD is launched

Holloway seal historic ULU double

Royal Holloway – 2 (Anson, Nestarak)Imperial College – 1(After extra time) The game started with the crowd from both sets of supporters in buoyant mood. The strong support for Royal Holloway could be heard chanting ‘our 2nd team beat you 3-1Â’, was quite a severe psychological blow to the opposition before the game had even commenced. The first half was anything but a classic however, … Continue reading Holloway seal historic ULU double

Back gate debate – Tuesday 11th March

The panel consisted of Christopher Butler, Head of Support and Advisory Services, Chris Clark, Head of External Relations, Richard Mallet Head of Security, Dan Hamilton and Jack Perschke, both local councillors for Englefield Green, all of whom it should be remembered gave a great portion of their time to engage in this debate, and Joff Manning SU President. The debate started with an introductory speech … Continue reading Back gate debate – Tuesday 11th March

UK’s first Energy Saving Day has no effect

However, results have shown that there was no noticeable drop in electricity usage, with a net increase in electricity consumption of 0.1%. There are a number of reasons given for this, one being the cold weather, which may have resulted in an increased use of heating, masking any small energy savings. Attention was also drawn to the lack of publicity given to E-Day, despite being … Continue reading UK’s first Energy Saving Day has no effect