Back gate debate – Tuesday 11th March

The panel consisted of Christopher Butler, Head of Support and Advisory Services, Chris Clark, Head of External Relations, Richard Mallet Head of Security, Dan Hamilton and Jack Perschke, both local councillors for Englefield Green, all of whom it should be remembered gave a great portion of their time to engage in this debate, and Joff Manning SU President. The debate started with an introductory speech … Continue reading Back gate debate – Tuesday 11th March

UK’s first Energy Saving Day has no effect

However, results have shown that there was no noticeable drop in electricity usage, with a net increase in electricity consumption of 0.1%. There are a number of reasons given for this, one being the cold weather, which may have resulted in an increased use of heating, masking any small energy savings. Attention was also drawn to the lack of publicity given to E-Day, despite being … Continue reading UK’s first Energy Saving Day has no effect

UCLU ban military from campus

During the AGM UCLU General Secretary Sam Godwin consistently avoided democratic procedure to push through a policy that she herself supported. Biased and her position compromised she nevertheless chaired the meeting. When she felt the need to speak in favour of the motion, despite the motionÂ’s proposer being present and after suffering an attempted VONC, she stepped down and handed the chair to the General … Continue reading UCLU ban military from campus

Sweeney Todd – Cutting Edge

What appealed to you about this particular musical?PH: It’s a thinking man’s musical…it’s Sondheim so it’s wrapped up in delicious social comment with very clever rapid fire lyrics. It’s a real Gothic melodrama.AP: I’ve always wanted to play a crusty old woman (laughs)CS: I discovered Sweeney Todd three years ago and I fell in love with it straight away, and I’ve been desperate to play … Continue reading Sweeney Todd – Cutting Edge

Getting Closer

Being a great fan of the play, I was elated when “Closer” was chosen to be produced by The Student Workshop this term, and thanks to a fantastic cast, it did not disappoint. “Closer” exposes the harsh realities of love by developing the complex relationships of two couples that are constantly searching elsewhere for happiness, unsure of where their hearts truly lie. This inevitably ends … Continue reading Getting Closer

There Will Be Blood

The film undulates at a self-paced rhythm highlighted by its superb score. The first 20 minutes of the film is absent of any dialogue, luring the viewer into a false sense of comfort – the calm before the storm. As the filmÂ’s title promises, violence is an integral method in the filmÂ’s overall scope. Yet unlike typical Slasher films, Anderson approaches violence with the utmost … Continue reading There Will Be Blood

US healthcare

A friend tells me that he plans to drive across America after graduating. The Interstate Highway he says, itÂ’s my dream. But then he adds something strange: ‘hopefully IÂ’ll avoid any pile-ups, seeing as you only get into hospital if youÂ’re loaded.Â’ His idea is to travel on a shoestring. He is not the only person I know who believes that if you need emergency … Continue reading US healthcare

Buckinghamshire crushed in style

To add to the occasion Buckinghamshire Chilterns were one of three teams at the bottom of the table fighting to avoid relegation. So the scene was set for a nail biting game. Unbeaten at home, Holloway knew that the league was in their hands after grinding out very tough results in their previous two games – 2-1 and 4-3 against Sussex and Luton respectively. The … Continue reading Buckinghamshire crushed in style