Swimmer One – The Regional Variations

‘The Regional VariationsÂ’ is a stunning debut from the Scottish two-some Swimmer One, whose minimalist beats and starkly jagged synths writhe on an air of pure harmonic insanity. ThereÂ’s been a massive rise in electro-pop over the last year, most of it more than slightly overwhelming s, but thereÂ’s nothing to fear in this stunner of a debut. It may have taken four years to … Continue reading Swimmer One – The Regional Variations

Elizabeth – The Golden Age

What made the first Elizabeth (1998) work on thematic terms was its adherence to intimacy and mood. And while Shekhar KapurÂ’s second attempt, now in theatres, has received flack from critics and audiences alike for its loose adaptation of historical context, Elizabeth also took liberties with fact and fiction. The Golden Age strives to be more of a feast for the eye than the mind. … Continue reading Elizabeth – The Golden Age

The Darjeeling Limited

Similar worries circulated when Anderson announced mischievously that his new film was about three brothers and was to be shot almost exclusively in India. Yet, The Darjeeling Limited finds Anderson once again in control of a format he knows all too well, that of the perpetual child. The backdrop of Indian spirituality is the perfect backdrop for the brothers to worship/deface. The filmÂ’s plot chugs … Continue reading The Darjeeling Limited

American Gangster – The American Dream/Nightmare

The film opens with Denzel Washington standing over a desperate man, pleading for his life. He nonchalantly lights the man on fire, then shoots him several times – his character is defined by its determination and systematic approach to a ‘job well-doneÂ’. After his mentor Bumpy Johnson dies suddenly, Lucas assumes power of the underworld of Harlem that Johnson controlled. He discovers a way to … Continue reading American Gangster – The American Dream/Nightmare

A Biggles’ Christmas Carol

Oh! But he was a hateful conservative, Biggles! a right wing, bitter, avaricious, gluttonous, nationalist, claret-swilling old sinner! He was hard and sharp as flint. Anyone who did not meet his standards and prejudices: the poor, foreigners, gays, lesbians and the left leaning would avoid him in the street, for Biggles sent chills down the spines of even the warmest individuals. Biggles did never mind … Continue reading A Biggles’ Christmas Carol

Max and Iván: Christmas Special

The Meaning Of Life By Colin Mountfry, Philosophical Correspondant and Third Elf From Left in the Elmsleigh Centre ‘SantaÂ’s GrottoÂ’ Life. Man has pondered the nature of his own existence since he descended from the treetops and began to walk on his hind legs. What is it that plucks us from the ether and breathes into us the ability to walk and sing, to think, … Continue reading Max and Iván: Christmas Special

RAG Panto: Beauty and the Beast

BT: How is everything going with the show?DC: The show is going better than weÂ’d ever imagined, weÂ’re two Media Arts students who drunkenly decided to write the pantomime because we had enjoyed being in it so much last year. We couldnÂ’t have wanted for anymore, our cast are amazing and weÂ’ve got an amazing crew, itÂ’s going to be very funny this year.LC: Surprisingly … Continue reading RAG Panto: Beauty and the Beast

Flaws of the smoking ban

Given this tradition, as I sit smoking a contemplative Gaulois, I find it somewhat ill-fitting that it is a rather enjoyable French cigarette brandÂ’s motto that gives me the ideal title for a piece on the illiberal nature of BritainÂ’s current political climate. As a libertarian, I am opposed on principle to many of the authoritarian views expressed by modern politicians across the party spectrum. … Continue reading Flaws of the smoking ban

Totally wrong – students protest over oil company’s involvement in Burma

Total Oil has had a joint business venture with the Burmese government since 1992. Its major project is the Yadana gas project in southern Burma. The Yadana gas project is believed to earn the regime between $200m to $450m a year. Total Oil refuses to disclose the exact figure. Total Oil is the fourth largest oil company in the UK, and the fourth largest oil … Continue reading Totally wrong – students protest over oil company’s involvement in Burma