Sweeney Todd

While this film is certainly not for the faint-hearted, Tim BurtonÂ’s copious and theatrical use of blood gives the film an almost comical quality, which is exacerbated by the fact that itÂ’s also a musical (Somehow I can never quite take Depp seriously when heÂ’s singing in falsetto). Steven Sandheim deals beautifully with the score for the film, keeping it less fragmented and complicated than … Continue reading Sweeney Todd

Universities and unions urged to spy on extremist groups

1. To promote and reinforce shared values; to create space for free and open debate; and to listen to and support mainstream voices. 2. To break down segregation amongst different student communities including by supporting inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue and understanding and to engage all students in playing a full and active role in wider engagement with society. 3. To ensure student safety and campuses … Continue reading Universities and unions urged to spy on extremist groups

Students Union announces Sabbatical and Media Election results

After a week of campaigning that commenced on Wednesday 23rd January, the polls opened around campus on Monday 28th with just over 1300 students voting before the ballot boxes closed at 7:30pm on Tuesday 29th. The count began on Wednesday afternoon with Joff Manning announced the results in TommyÂ’s Bar to a nervous crowd several hours later. The voter turnout was just below the level … Continue reading Students Union announces Sabbatical and Media Election results

Holloway welcomes Labour Society

Newly ratified at the end of last year the society has now elected a full committee and is beginning operations in earnest. As RHUL Labour Students president Roxanne Mashari explains this society is “the most original political group on campus. RHUL was the only college in the University of London not to have a Labour representation and this has needed changing for some time.” Royal … Continue reading Holloway welcomes Labour Society

Student faces death penalty in Afghanistan

This decision is taken in an Afghanistan not ruled by the Taliban, but six years after the ‘liberationÂ’, ruled by the westÂ’s democratic ally, Hamid Karzai. At a gathering in Takhar province, Maulavi Ghulam Rabbani Rahmani, the heads of the Ulema council, said: “We want the government and the courts to execute the court verdict on Kambaksh as soon as possible.” In Parwan province, another … Continue reading Student faces death penalty in Afghanistan

Interview with local MP, Philip Hammond

How long have you been the Runnymede and Weybridge MP?ThatÂ’s an easy one to start off with! Nearly eleven years, since May 1997. What did you do before you were a politician?I worked in business, manufacturing, property and development as well as the oil and gas industry. I worked in Germany, Italy and the Republic of Ireland, so I have a very diverse business experience. … Continue reading Interview with local MP, Philip Hammond

“Nothing new” at election hustings speeches

The three hour hustings opened with speeches by Sahar Mirahdi and Beth Rowley for Deputy Publications Editor. Sahar emphasizing publicity and the need for an open contribution system and Beth Rowley focusing on quality, specifically grammar and the supportive side of her role. Two very different visions of the Orbital emerged from Jack Radcliffe’s and Jessica Freeman’s speeches, one more focused on societies and sports … Continue reading “Nothing new” at election hustings speeches

Guard jailed after sex attack

Toyin Salako, prosecuting, told Guildford Crown Court how the girl, from Moscow, was asleep in her room at the Kingswood residence with her door shut but not locked on the night of August 7th last year. She was woken up at 4am “to find her nightdress and knickers rolled upÂ…and the defendant was lying on the bed touching her.” This disturbing attack was made even … Continue reading Guard jailed after sex attack

Crash landing at Heathrow

Captain Peter Burkill praised the whole crew saying that everyone “acted heroically. Flying is definitely about teamwork and that is what we all displayed.” Rejecting the adulation given to him, with some calling for a medal ‘as big as frying panÂ’, he instead gave special credit to his Senior First Officer John Coward who was the flight officer at the time of the crash, saying … Continue reading Crash landing at Heathrow