Why Burma Needs to be Invaded

Imagine the face of a Burmese mother crammed into an emergency relief tent with the remnants of her surviving family. Imagine the confused expressions of her four frightened, starved and disease-flagged children, when the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, crouches down at the opening to their tent and offers his patronising words of wisdom: “The United Nations is here to help you. The whole world … Continue reading Why Burma Needs to be Invaded

Indiana Jones

So it is perhaps not a surprise that after millions of fans nagging them for the last 19 years, that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas gave in to make ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’. Every man will resort to a childlike state on entering the cinema, wishing that he too would be able to crack that whip and rescue buried treasure … Continue reading Indiana Jones

Pushing Daisies

It is a light-hearted story about Ned, a supernatural being yet everyday bloke, who has the power to bring dead people to life with a single touch. However, if they stay alive some else dies, so he is forced to touch kill them. Sounds odd, but that is the premise. SPOILERS WARNING, after the first episode Ned brings an old friend back to life, and … Continue reading Pushing Daisies

‘Golden Compass’ released on DVD

The Golden Compass tells the story of Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) and her Uncle Ariel (Daniel Craig) in a parallel universe. Therein, all people have demons (a creature attached to our very being, formed in the appearance of an animal and a ‘soul mateÂ’) and the world powers are run by a religious order. The adventure of Ariel and Lyra involves an althiemoter which can … Continue reading ‘Golden Compass’ released on DVD

Forget Sarah Marshall, it’s all about the men

An honorable mention must go to Russell Brand who excels in his role as the sexualized rocker Elvis Snow. But by far the stars of the film are the underplayed supporting cast of Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd. They play an oddball bunch of hotel assistants and guests whose fantastic characterizations add to the films authenticity. I say authenticity because unlike most films … Continue reading Forget Sarah Marshall, it’s all about the men

‘Charlie Bartlett’ – in trying to be two things, it fails to be either

The film opens with CharlieÂ’s (Anton Yelchin) expulsion from a prestigious private school; this (naturally) forces him to enroll at a public school. Although this formula is exhausted, it is rife with comic as well as dramatic possibilities. However, the film never makes an attempt to separate itself from its predecessors. Bartlett antagonizes depressed Principal Gardner (Robert Downey Jr.) in a plethora of ways, dating … Continue reading ‘Charlie Bartlett’ – in trying to be two things, it fails to be either

‘Iron Man’ sets the bar for this summer’s releases

For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Iron Man, hereÂ’s a brief rundown. Tony Stark, your average billionaire playboy and head of AmericaÂ’s largest weapons manufacturer lives a sheltered and naïve lifestyle until he is given a rude awakening in the real world. He finds out first hand what his weapons are doing and is forced to turn his life around, finally being … Continue reading ‘Iron Man’ sets the bar for this summer’s releases

Sarah Maple, Holloway graduate’s success in the art world

Following your dream as an artist, how did you successfully financially cope while focusing on your work and also living away from home?I had 2 part time jobs, they never mention that in any of the interviews, they act like IÂ’ve got all this money and IÂ’m already earning tons from it, I wish I was! I was really lucky that in October I won … Continue reading Sarah Maple, Holloway graduate’s success in the art world

Volpone, the Summer Quad production

Tell us a little bit about VolponeÂ…Volpone is a hilarious, fast-paced comedy, with a large cast all of whom have individualistic, amusing characters. This dark satire really has something for everyone. The audience follows the story of the con-artist Volpone. We meet the fortune hunters, desperate to be his heir, as well as a variety of colourful people who get caught up in this vibrant … Continue reading Volpone, the Summer Quad production