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Women’s Football ‘Female Is Fierce’ Campaign

Deputy Sports Editor | Jack Wright From Monday 25 February, Royal Holloway’s Women’s Football club will be running a range of events across campus in order to promote the ‘Female Is Fierce’ campaign. Each of the evening events being hosted, whether active or social, highlight inclusivity and place a key focus upon Royal Holloway’s female athletes. Women’s Football Charity Secretary Kate Roberts, with help from … Continue reading Women’s Football ‘Female Is Fierce’ Campaign

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Review: Our New Uni Gym

Student | Rita Mataruka Picture this: you, drenched in sweat, pathetically trying to work your glutes (so that you can obtain that Beyoncé bum you’ve always wanted) amidst a host of intimidating athletes, glistening and grunting their way through reps. Scattered amongst these professionals are beast machines, resembling closer to aliens than exercise equipment. For some, I just described your natural habitat. But for the … Continue reading Review: Our New Uni Gym

Match Report: Mens Basketball V Surrey

Treasurer of Basketball | Ieuan Greaves Royal Holloway, Sports Centre | 24 October | 16:15 Men’s Basketball secured their first win of the season against local rivals Surrey in intense fashion after scoring in the dying seconds of the match to win 75-74. The game started off fast with Surrey getting the best of the opening exchanges, which meant that they went into the break … Continue reading Match Report: Mens Basketball V Surrey