Red Room – Wax Poetics Review

Wax Poetics has been a long time coming for Battersea duo Sam Frankl and Jerome Shapiro. Despite the melodic riffs and stylized stabbing drums, it would be all too easy to compare this debut EP to The xx. Although clearly influenced, Red Room have filtered a certain coldness and distance from this EP, applying a seemingly instinctual and heartbreaking blues feel to a minimalist structure. … Continue reading Red Room – Wax Poetics Review

Skream – Outside The Box Review

Apologies must be made as this belated review of Skream’s latest solo album comes a few down months down the line from its original release. Somehow it slipped through the net. Under the radar. And in the back door. ‘Outside The Box’ is Skream’s latest attempt at doing it solo. Beyond the populist confines of the club-act and electro-pop-trio that is the magnanimous Magnetic Man, … Continue reading Skream – Outside The Box Review