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General Wellbeing at University

Student | Reka Goupil Moving to university is a big deal. Whether you’re excited to be waving your parents goodbye, or sad to miss home-cooked meals and your dog, I’m sure you’d like to emerge unscathed and mental breakdown free. While taking care of yourself fully for the first time may come naturally to some, I definitely think there is a learning curve. Here are … Continue reading General Wellbeing at University

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Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Student | Rebecca Williams Living on campus is most certainly the easy option – no bills to pay and pretty much everything is on your doorstep. Not to mention the cleaners. Waking up five minutes before a lecture begins does not even stop you from going. The convenience levels of living on campus are through the roof, but its accessibility to lectures and seminars may … Continue reading Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Not Encouraged Antidote to Last Minute Essays

*Warning: This behaviour is not endorsed or encouraged by The Founder. Editor | Cassandra Lau Tis the season to be stressed and worried, fa la la la la, la la, la la. Fortunately, this year the English department has introduced staggered deadlines which will greatly help reduce essay burdens off of English students. However, for those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having … Continue reading Not Encouraged Antidote to Last Minute Essays

How Do Egham’s Estate Agencies Compare?

Editor | Cassandra Lau The thought of renting a student accommodation can be terrifying to many, especially if you have had no prior experience or guidance on what the procedures are and what you should be keeping an eye out for. Many said that they wish they had advice from students in years above, so I created a survey that gathers responses anonymously so that … Continue reading How Do Egham’s Estate Agencies Compare?

Deciding on Student Accommodation

Editor | Cassandra Lau   The idea of living with your friends can be thrilling but there is a thin line between thriller and horror when it comes to living under the same roof. I was personally fortunate enough in my first year to find the perfect flatmate and best friend who was the yin to my yang, but as you skim through this article, … Continue reading Deciding on Student Accommodation

National Stress Awareness Day: Managing Stress at University

Designer | Helena Keeble University can be an extremely stressful time for many students. You are expected to juggle your academic work, fit in exercise, perhaps have a paid job, or two, or three to keep your finances stable, as well as maintain a social life in an already busy term. Finding this balance can be one of the hardest things students have to do … Continue reading National Stress Awareness Day: Managing Stress at University

Commuting to University: The Essential

Content Writer | Amy Butcher Whether you are a seasoned traveller or just starting out with commuting there are a few basic essentials that you will find you need. Hopefully your journey to and from Royal Holloway will run smoothly but if you’re travelling most days it is likely you will encounter a few tricky situations. Having a few of these things to hand will hopefully … Continue reading Commuting to University: The Essential

Moving into a new accommodation

Content Writer | Alex Harper For most people, the hazy period of your life that is moving into university accommodation will last for only a year until you make enough friends and vague acquaintances to move into a house. However, for the foreseeable future, your life will be skewed eating schedules, staring at an over-spilling bin – that is far too small for six people … Continue reading Moving into a new accommodation