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How to: Survive Quarantine

Svilena Iotkovska | Editor in Chief It goes without saying that we are currently living in uncertain and terrifying times. Almost overnight, most of our lives have been turned upside down as we have been advised to stay home, work remotely and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. What sounds like a long vacation, reveals itself as something that lowers our spirits, makes … Continue reading How to: Survive Quarantine

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Valentine’s Day: let’s talk about love, baby

Carlota Santos Movilla | Student Writer With the 14th of February quickly approaching, maybe we should think twice about it this year. About why we hate it, why we love it or perhaps, why we love to hate it. It would be a lie to say that the meaning has not been brutally commercialised and that businesses have not squeezed every drop of insecurity within … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: let’s talk about love, baby

Guide to Long Distance Friendships

Lifestyle Writer | Amy Butcher University can lead to some big changes in your friendships. You’ll meet a LOT of new friends, but that doesn’t mean you completely disregard the old ones. Your school friends might now be dotted all around the country… some may have even ventured ‘up north’, or abroad as they go to find themselves on their gap year. Whatever the situation … Continue reading Guide to Long Distance Friendships

General Wellbeing at University

Student | Reka Goupil Moving to university is a big deal. Whether you’re excited to be waving your parents goodbye, or sad to miss home-cooked meals and your dog, I’m sure you’d like to emerge unscathed and mental breakdown free. While taking care of yourself fully for the first time may come naturally to some, I definitely think there is a learning curve. Here are … Continue reading General Wellbeing at University

Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Student | Rebecca Williams Living on campus is most certainly the easy option – no bills to pay and pretty much everything is on your doorstep. Not to mention the cleaners. Waking up five minutes before a lecture begins does not even stop you from going. The convenience levels of living on campus are through the roof, but its accessibility to lectures and seminars may … Continue reading Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Why it’s not too late to take part in Veganuary

Molly Williams | Arts & Culture Editor   I’m a firm believer that the best resolutions are the ones we don’t make on first day of the year. Hungover and tired, the type of people that still manage to haul themselves to the gym, or start the novel they’ve been talking about, are ethereal beings with self-control beyond the human realm. If you’re still looking … Continue reading Why it’s not too late to take part in Veganuary

Not Encouraged Antidote to Last Minute Essays

*Warning: This behaviour is not endorsed or encouraged by The Founder. Editor | Cassandra Lau Tis the season to be stressed and worried, fa la la la la, la la, la la. Fortunately, this year the English department has introduced staggered deadlines which will greatly help reduce essay burdens off of English students. However, for those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having … Continue reading Not Encouraged Antidote to Last Minute Essays