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Top Protein Powders for Vegans

Cyann Fielding | Lifestyle Editor The protein powder market is huge. This can often become daunting when wanting to purchase a new powder. Throw in being vegan, and you are reaching next level difficulty. Whilst many argue protein powders are not necessary for everyone, they do offer a quick and easy way to increase your daily protein intake. When we work out, we are essential … Continue reading Top Protein Powders for Vegans

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How to Respond to an Incident of Spiking

Cyann Fielding | Lifestyle Editor TW: Spiking, Assault As clubs have reopened, the scare and threat of spiking is on the rise. With university students across the UK responding with upcoming boycotts – students have become outraged that nights out (which are supposedly meant to be fun *and safe*) have turned into another worry. We all want change, and hopefully action will come soon. The … Continue reading How to Respond to an Incident of Spiking

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What to Avoid in Your First Month of Being a Fresher

Rebecca de Sá | Content Writer You are finally here. You have left home and started university. You are looking forward to your first term as a fresher and the prospect of meeting new people and having fun. There have been lots of the articles written about what to expect as a fresher, focusing especially on what students should do to make the most out … Continue reading What to Avoid in Your First Month of Being a Fresher

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Tackling Uni Homesickness

Cyann Fielding | Content Writer Homesickness whilst at university is a common feeling amongst students, but with a rather weird past year a new kind of homesickness has emerged: a homesickness for your university home. With many students unable to return to campus following the New Year, many feel as if they are missing out on their independence, missing their friends, and also their freedom. … Continue reading Tackling Uni Homesickness

Preparing for Student Life Living Within the ‘New Normal’

Katie Upton | Lifestyle Editor In a matter of months, our world has been turned upside down. These whirlwind few months have meant for a time of reflection upon student life and the things we take for granted. Whether it’s nights out at the SU or Medicine, catch-ups in Crosslands or simply being able to work in the library. We’ve all experienced a change in … Continue reading Preparing for Student Life Living Within the ‘New Normal’

Is this the future of concerts and music festivals?

Katie Upton | Lifestyle Editor On Tuesday 11th August, singer/songwriter Sam Fender debuted the first socially distanced concert at Virgin Money Unity Arena, the first of its kind in the UK.  After postponing his ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ Tour until spring 2021, the musician from Newcastle wanted to bring some of his undeniable charms back into the eye of his supporters. 2500 tickets were sold for the … Continue reading Is this the future of concerts and music festivals?

How to: Survive Quarantine

Svilena Iotkovska | Editor in Chief It goes without saying that we are currently living in uncertain and terrifying times. Almost overnight, most of our lives have been turned upside down as we have been advised to stay home, work remotely and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. What sounds like a long vacation, reveals itself as something that lowers our spirits, makes … Continue reading How to: Survive Quarantine

Valentine’s Day: let’s talk about love, baby

Carlota Santos Movilla | Student Writer With the 14th of February quickly approaching, maybe we should think twice about it this year. About why we hate it, why we love it or perhaps, why we love to hate it. It would be a lie to say that the meaning has not been brutally commercialised and that businesses have not squeezed every drop of insecurity within … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: let’s talk about love, baby

Guide to Long Distance Friendships

Lifestyle Writer | Amy Butcher University can lead to some big changes in your friendships. You’ll meet a LOT of new friends, but that doesn’t mean you completely disregard the old ones. Your school friends might now be dotted all around the country… some may have even ventured ‘up north’, or abroad as they go to find themselves on their gap year. Whatever the situation … Continue reading Guide to Long Distance Friendships