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Interviews with Surrey County Council Councillors

Augustus Bambridge-Sutton On May 6th, we will elect our county councillors. This may not seem as momentous as a general election, but councillors, rather than being stuck in Westminster far from those they serve, are the ones that have to tackle directly with the problems that we have every day. Besides, the results of this election will foster the climate that the next general election … Continue reading Interviews with Surrey County Council Councillors

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RHUL UCU Concern for Classroom Recordings

Izzi Vaughan | Editor in Chief A Royal Holloway UCU Working Group have raised concerns on the use of classroom recordings for the wellbeing, safety and teaching experience of both staff and students. I spoke to them about their concerns and the impacts of classroom recordings. The biggest concern raised by UCU staff was that the classroom would no longer remain a safe space. In … Continue reading RHUL UCU Concern for Classroom Recordings

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Sarah Everard in Memoriam: On Policing Violence

Izzi Vaughan | Editor in Chief Last night on Clapham Common mourners and protesters gathered for Sarah Everard, a 33 year old woman murdered while she was walking home from her friend’s house at around 9pm on March 3rd. 48 year old Police Officer Wayne Couzens has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Several hundred people gathered on Clapham common to pay Tribute to Sarah … Continue reading Sarah Everard in Memoriam: On Policing Violence

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Conversations with RHUL Writers

Ali Krausova | Content Writer Throughout the last month of 2020, I have reflected on creating and living in and after the crisis with four first year students as well as great women, and this is how it went: Ali: ‘How would you describe your writing? What inspires you?’Emily March: ‘I suppose I’d describe my writing as very broad with attention to small details. I … Continue reading Conversations with RHUL Writers

‘Time to Change’ 2006 -2021

Liam Elvish | Student Contributor It was announced in October that ‘Time to Change’ would sadly be drawing to a close in March 2021. After fifteen years of campaigning to improve attitudes and to change behaviours around mental health, the campaign is to be wound up due to financial constraints. ‘Time to Change’ was established in 2006 for the purposes of promoting greater discourse on … Continue reading ‘Time to Change’ 2006 -2021

Coronavirus: The UK and New Zealand Compared

Alex Whiteman | Managing Editor After four new cases of COVID-19 were discovered, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the country would be placed back into lockdown for the first time in 102 days. She stated that Auckland will be ‘moved to level three restrictions for a period of three days’, while the rest of New Zealand will be placed under Level 2. … Continue reading Coronavirus: The UK and New Zealand Compared

Corona and Culture

Sela Musa | Features Editor Music is one of the only things that is indifferent to our differences. It is a culture of haze and lyrical beckoning, of youthful anticipation, of peaks and troughs of happy and sad days. And, like almost everything else affected by this pandemic, the culture is inevitably changing and there is no guarantee it will come back. Corona has completely … Continue reading Corona and Culture

Toxic Club Culture

Sela Musa | Features Editor   How making sure you aren’t a killjoy seems to be in the small print of joining university sports clubs. Toxic club culture (TCC) refers to one of the many subcultures created by clubs – mainly sports clubs – that alienates certain people in and out of them. There’s disagreement on what makes a culture ‘toxic’. For example, the drinking … Continue reading Toxic Club Culture