Leonardo: The Works – A True Exhibition on Screen [Review]

Editor | Svilena Iotkovska Released on October 29th, 2019 and directed by Phil Grabsky, Leonardo: The Works marks the 500th anniversary of the renowned artist’s death. This film, a quite literal Exhibition on Screen, provides viewers with an Ultra HD quality of Leonardo da Vinci’s art – that is, not only the artists’ paintings but his notebooks and drawings as well. Some of the paintings … Continue reading Leonardo: The Works – A True Exhibition on Screen [Review]

Pietro Cataudella’s Innovative Art Project: CityLiveSketch

Svilena Iotkovska | Editor Pietro Cataudella’s CityLiveSketch project was started in the summer of 2014 and has now grown to acquire over 98,700 followers on Instagram. The Italian artist and illustrator plays tricks on the viewer’s mind by creating part-real, part-illustrated images inspired by his two greatest passions: photography and drawing. When approached by The Founder, Cataudella explained that he ‘started this artistic project because … Continue reading Pietro Cataudella’s Innovative Art Project: CityLiveSketch

‘Love me, love me!’: Romeo and Juliet at The Globe Theatre

Niamh Smith attended Michael Oakley’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on 26 March 2019 at The Globe Theatre Student | Niamh Smith Near the end the Spring term, I was fortunate enough to attend a performance of Romeo and Juliet, one of the Bard’s most famous tragedies, with fellow members of Shakespeare Society. Most of us had starred in the Society’s production of the play … Continue reading ‘Love me, love me!’: Romeo and Juliet at The Globe Theatre

The Infinite Inclusivity of Fan-Fiction

Student | Mercedes-Georgia Mayes Fanfiction.net is one of many websites used for the dissemination of fan-created fiction, alongside Archive of Our Own and Whattpad, and boasts fiction based on almost 2,500 pre-existing works in the ‘Books’ category alone. Within this, each franchise has anywhere between 1 and 800,000 stories attributed to it of varying length. Such dedication is impressive in itself, but it is the … Continue reading The Infinite Inclusivity of Fan-Fiction

Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy

Student Writer| Tia Hudson He is a father, he is a husband, and he is a key figure in the world of fashion. After appointing himself as ‘the most influential person in footwear at the moment’, Kanye West’s ‘YEEZY’ collaboration with Adidas, Balmain, and other worldwide brands has exceeded the public’s expectations significantly. The company currently has a net worth of one billion dollars and has … Continue reading Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy

Review: Night of the Living Dead™ Live!

Guest Writer | Kayla Mulkins Kayla Mulkins, third-year English BA student, represented The Founder on 16th April 2019 at Pleasance, London for the Night of the Living Dead™ Live press night. 1960s, rural Pennsylvania. Six strangers, a lonely farmhouse, surrounded by zombies – what could possibly go wrong? Who will make it out alive? Theatre’s Night of the Living Dead™ Live! is a comedic theatrical … Continue reading Review: Night of the Living Dead™ Live!

Diego Cusano: Fantasy Researcher

Student Writer | Svilena Iotkovska Diego Cusano, Italian illustration artist and self-titled ‘Fantasy Researcher’, produces art that challenges the way we view everyday objects and offers a creative perspective on ordinary life. Cusano rejects the title of an artist. In an interview with Kanbini, he says ‘Nowadays, anyone can be an artist. No, I’m more of a “fantasy researcher”: every day I get up and … Continue reading Diego Cusano: Fantasy Researcher

Waitress: “Biblically Good”

Literary Review Editor | Rachel Farguson Having been listening to the Waitress soundtrack and watching performance clips for a good few months now, I was more than a little bit excited to finally get to see the show live. When our upper circle matinee tickets were upgraded to stalls tickets I was more excited still, but I am certain that this show would be as phenomenal … Continue reading Waitress: “Biblically Good”

London Literature Festival

Student Writer | Tasmin Fatodu For the twelfth year running, the London Literature Festival returned this autumn to the London Southbank Centre with more riveting and diverse Hollywood speakers, poets, authors and artists. The festival was full of lively discussions and talks, with live readings and workshops for all literature interests. Over twenty days, events ranged from a whole weekend of Young Adult fiction to … Continue reading London Literature Festival

What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?

Student Writer | Noëlle Spillmann Perhaps the most overlooked form of government intervention is its involvement in the food industry. Despite coming into contact with or worrying about food on a daily basis – meal plans, diets and counting macros or calories dictating when what is being eaten and where – few people question how the government may have been involved in what is landing … Continue reading What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?