‘Service Station’, Leila Dickinson

Service Station Maybe you could buy me a neck cushion, an overpriced coffee or a Krispy Kreme from WHSmith. You could laugh at me in baggy on-the-road clothes, glorified pjs you might say. Perhaps you’d wait for me outside the loos and we’d moan about how they need a good clean. We might discuss how strange it is to have gambling stations here. If I … Continue reading ‘Service Station’, Leila Dickinson

‘i think stars taste like tinfoil’, Hannah Bean

i think stars taste like tinfoil i think stars taste like tinfoil. hearts are always wine- dark, tempered, stomach-stirred, ripe like my mother’s berries, our saved summers. but stars are crisp, sharp-edged, burnt hollow, stamped static. they taste warm until the blood stops tasting sweet and starts tasting like metal again. and a few times a year i wrap myself up and i werewolf myself … Continue reading ‘i think stars taste like tinfoil’, Hannah Bean

Short Story: ‘The District Line’ by Anon.

The Founder x The Orbital Storytelling Competition | Anon.   Daily routine was important to Nick; alarm going off, hitting the snooze button, showering, applying gel to his receding hairline and eating a hearty bowl of All Bran while catching the end of the weather report on Good Morning Britain. Everyday he would catch the 8:10am train, grabbing a cappuccino from Starbucks. He had it … Continue reading Short Story: ‘The District Line’ by Anon.

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What Comes After Social Media Gathers the World

Thomazeau Cyril | RHUL Alumni, and Founder of BELEAF Social media and its gathering of the world is transforming the way we behave and work together. From this has arisen the trend towards collective goodness, a much-needed hand to help manoeuvre political uncertainties. The UK plagued with Brexit negotiations dominates the discussions and headlines. Similarly, America has its topic of uncertainty, President Donald Trump. Society … Continue reading What Comes After Social Media Gathers the World

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Women’s Football ‘Female Is Fierce’ Campaign

Deputy Sports Editor | Jack Wright From Monday 25 February, Royal Holloway’s Women’s Football club will be running a range of events across campus in order to promote the ‘Female Is Fierce’ campaign. Each of the evening events being hosted, whether active or social, highlight inclusivity and place a key focus upon Royal Holloway’s female athletes. Women’s Football Charity Secretary Kate Roberts, with help from … Continue reading Women’s Football ‘Female Is Fierce’ Campaign

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Review: Our New Uni Gym

Student | Rita Mataruka Picture this: you, drenched in sweat, pathetically trying to work your glutes (so that you can obtain that Beyoncé bum you’ve always wanted) amidst a host of intimidating athletes, glistening and grunting their way through reps. Scattered amongst these professionals are beast machines, resembling closer to aliens than exercise equipment. For some, I just described your natural habitat. But for the … Continue reading Review: Our New Uni Gym

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Guide to Long Distance Friendships

Lifestyle Writer | Amy Butcher University can lead to some big changes in your friendships. You’ll meet a LOT of new friends, but that doesn’t mean you completely disregard the old ones. Your school friends might now be dotted all around the country… some may have even ventured ‘up north’, or abroad as they go to find themselves on their gap year. Whatever the situation … Continue reading Guide to Long Distance Friendships