Top Protein Powders for Vegans

Cyann Fielding | Lifestyle Editor

The protein powder market is huge. This can often become daunting when wanting to purchase a new powder. Throw in being vegan, and you are reaching next level difficulty. Whilst many argue protein powders are not necessary for everyone, they do offer a quick and easy way to increase your daily protein intake. When we work out, we are essential ripping our muscles, and in order to allow our muscles to repair and grow, protein is essential. Whilst this does not have to be in the form of a protein powder, (lots of foods offer great amounts of protein) powders definitely do help to give you that extra dosage of protein in your day-to-day routine. In a recent article by Stylist, they noted how ‘experts recommend getting around 1.2-2g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight’. For example, if you are a 60kg woman then having between 72g and 120g of protein would help with achieving optimal performance and repair, which can come from multiple different sources.

As a vegan it may be hard to understand what gives you protein, and even harder to find a protein powder suitable for you. Here is some go to protein powders for vegans:

1. Shreddy

Shreddy, a brand founded by young entrepreneur Grace Beverley, climbed its way to becoming popular over lockdown. They have pea-based protein powders, which can be mixed with water. Each serving gives you 22g of protein and the pack is even entirely compostable. Extra bonus: Shreddy have a product called Daily Dose which is 100% Vegan and has 100% of your daily vitamin C, E, B12, Biotin and Niacin in one drink.

2. Bulk Powders Vegan Protein Powder

Bulk has been a reputable protein powder brand for a while now and they have now developed their own vegan powder. The powder is made from five different plant-based sources to give you a blend that gives 23g of protein.

3. Form Nutrition Performance Powder

Form is known for making smooth shakes. It is one of the only vegan protein powders made of complete protein meaning it features all five essential amino acids. To add even more, it features probiotics and Digezyme to ensure a healthy gut.

4. Misfits Vegan Protein and Vitamin Blend

This list would not be complete without Misfits. Misfits rebranded and, to the happiness of vegans, decided to make their entire protein range vegan. Similar to other brands, Misfits use a pea protein blend, but it also contains L-Glutamine to ensure speedy repair and recovery.

5. Vegolife Active Vegan Protein Blend

This protein powder is made up of protein from peas, but additionally has extracts of green tea, acai berry, flaxseed, and L-Carnitine to provide you with an even better health kick.

6. Huel Complete Protein

Huel now do their own protein powder that contains more amino acids per gram than whey protein. It is also sustainably sourced and includes 28 essential vitamins and minerals. With some great flavours, including salted caramel, this powder is one to check out.

If protein powders are not for you, alternatively as a vegan you can choose to have protein bars (Bulk provide some great protein cookies). Other sources of protein include edamame, peas, soya milk, oats, and green leafy veg. You do not need protein powders to have a good amount of protein in your diet, but they do act as a great option to boost your protein dosage.

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