The Y2K Nostalgia

Ali Krausova | Content Writer

One of my hobbies is early 2000s pop culture. I grew up reading about Lindsay Lohan’s drinking shenanigans and Paris Hilton being a spoiled brat, only to honour them today, printed on my t-shirt. Fashion repeating itself is not too unusual but honouring a certain era you actually grew up in seems to be a new thing. Only a few years back, people born in 1999 used to sing the lyrics to Charlie XCX’s ‘I love it’ frantically as if they actually lived through the 90’s for longer than a year. This time, we actually grew up in the early 2000s, only were too young to wear low rise jeans and get our navels pierced. That is why this is exactly what I did last week; wore a mini-mini skirt and got a belly button piercing, just to feel something.

As I am getting it done, my other friend cannot commit to an aesthetic quite yet and when we are leaving I hear myself saying: ‘I’m not actually sure I like it, but it is funny, no?’ It is an accessory after all, except this time it cost me additional pain compared to the Playboy bunny necklace I got the other day to match the one Carrie Bradshaw wears in season 2 of Sex and the City. Later that week, my friend and I made a ‘Burn Book’.

It is all fun and games but there is some politics to it. Is the new goal the old one, to become a trophy wife? The Y2K logic seems to actually give women power through these degrading roles, such as the dumb blonde stereotype, which proves the blonde is actually never that dumb – and I really am not!  Britney Spears may be singing ‘I’m a slave 4 U’ but the real message is ‘only if you’re lucky enough to have me… because I’m hot!’

When I dyed my hair pink to become Avril Lavigne for my birthday, my friend immediately asked me if I am going through an existential crisis. The truth is, there was a comfort to it. It is like you are watching all those chick flicks again, only this time you are the main chick, a groovy one. The truth also is, I was going through something, but for that reason Avril Lavigne wrote ‘The Best Damn Thing’ to save me whenever I am let down by a man again. I listen to it a lot.

Have we become nostalgic not only because our current era sucks but because we actually lost a lot from it? Fashion seems to be returning faster than ever before as some are already reminiscing about the 2014 Tumblr era, as if most of us did not fry our hair off back then to look like someone’s grandmother and romanticised depression. The fashion may stay the same but the mindset about it keeps evolving. You may want to become a trophy wife but that is your own decision, and if you are depressed it is not because Lana Del Rey prescribed it.

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