Royal Holloway is Providing Free Coronavirus Tests Before Christmas Holidays

Carlota Santos Movilla | News Editor

Royal Holloway University of London has, in the last week, communicated it is going to offer asymptomatic students as well as staff COVID-19 tests. This facility will be on campus in the Picture Gallery and will start operating on Monday 30th November. They are in the process of providing the same service for those who study or teach in the central London campus of Royal Holloway.

There is a designated travel window for students the Government has published which will be from Thursday 3rd December to Wednesday 9th. The travel window has been put in place to thinly distribute student travel over the days, which would give them and their families peace of mind, and reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus.

These tests will be free of charge as well as easy to undertake; it will be a self-taken test. They have been called ‘lateral flow tests’ which consists of two tests taken with three days in between each test. It ensures there is absolutely no risk in the student or member of staff in question returning home for the Christmas holidays. After the second negative result, students should commence their journey home. Deputy Principal at Royal Holloway, Dr David Ashton stated: ‘Asymptomatic testing will give students a measure of confidence to travel safely over the holidays, provided they do so within 24 hours of having a second negative test.’

For those who will be travelling outside the designated window, there is information online about the process. However, if anyone tests positive for coronavirus in these two tests, they will take a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test; usually for symptomatic individuals. These PCR tests would be home test kits provided by the university with results in under 72 hours.

On-campus teaching will go entirely online for the last three days of the term: from Wednesday 9th December until Friday the 11th. Nevertheless, the campus will still be open. There is additional information on the intranet or the Students’ Union website.

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