Coronavirus Restrictions: What are the New Measures and how has Royal Holloway Been Affected?

Grace Rollison | Content Writer

A series of new national restrictions came into place on Thursday 24th September following the resurgence of a second wave of COVID- 19 across the UK. Addressing the nation on Thursday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined new measures.

These include a 22:00 curfew on pubs, bars and restaurants who are now restricted to table service, a shift to encouraging working from home where possible, and making face masks compulsory for staff in bars and shops. The Prime Minister warned that these restrictions would likely be in place for the next six months. Alongside the ‘Rule of Six’, these measures have come into place following warnings from scientists that the virus is now spreading exponentially, with the alert level moving from three to four (a high or rising level of transmission).

As a result of this, Royal Holloway has enforced the wearing of face coverings indoors and outdoors in settings where social distancing is not possible. The university has also introduced fines and penalties for breaches of national legislation (the Rule of Six), with £50 for the first offence, £100 for the second, and £200 for the third, accompanied by a higher security presence on campus to enforce these measures.

The Student Union has adapted by cancelling six events and altering the timing of remaining events to end at the 22:00 national curfew. They have, however, promised students “This isn’t an end to events on campus” but that adjusting to the new restrictions “will take us a little bit of time to get right so bear with us as we go back to the drawing board.”

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