Beirut explosion destroys lives as a result of widespread carelessness

Carlota Santos Movilla | News Editor

On the afternoon of this last Tuesday 4th of August, Lebanon’s capital Beirut suffered a horrific and destructive explosion; leaving thousands of injured civilians, around 140 confirmed deaths, and the number of missing people is still on the rise.

It was caused by the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that was stored in its port for seven years. It is believed to have been material that was meant to be on its way to Mozambique but it was, clearly, never delivered. This material is highly explosive, with many uses such as fertilizer, but it has also been used during terrorist attacks.

Due to all the destruction and death that has come to Beirut, those left in the city point to the widespread corruption within their government as the reason why the explosion happened. Others mention complete carelessness, negligence and incompetence. However, politicians in Beirut have publicly blamed officials. The capital is already in the midst of a coronavirus crisis which has brought them notorious food shortages and, now, an even bleaker situation where basic services are far from guaranteed.

There have been three days of national mourning and, as a former French colony, Beirut has welcomed Emmanuel Macron to visit and pay his respects. He was met by outraged civilians, desperate for some sign that their future looks brighter than their present.

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