Tim Brooke-Taylor Dies Aged 79

Luke Hetherington | Student Writer

The legacy of the Monty Python troupe has been ingrained in popular culture and comedy for the last five decades, receiving international recognition and accolades. In the 1960s, a trio of comedians including Tim Brooke-Taylor (later known as The Goodies) worked alongside the fledgeling Pythons at Cambridge Footlights, before collaborating on programmes such as At Last the 1948 Show.

As the Pythons moved on to Flying Circuses and Grails, Taylor, Bill Oddie and Graham Garden worked throughout the 1970s on The Goodies, a surreal sitcom with malleable narratives that was ludicrous enough for children, but raunchy enough for adults and Python fans. The show pushed boundaries of children’s comedy, somehow featuring both nudity and an episode devoted to attacking South African Apartheid. The anarchic attitude of 1960s alternative comedy is present, but not given its due as a worthy contemporary of Flying Circus. Aside from TV comedy and a slight film career, Brooke-Taylor appeared with Garden as a lynchpin of radio comedy, appearing on I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue for 48 years and keeping the alternative spirit alive, albeit as it became tame in comparison to the comedy that spawned following their previous work. A reliably self-deprecating and charming performer up until his death from coronavirus, Brooke-Taylor will be sorely missed.

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