Leonardo: The Works – A True Exhibition on Screen [Review]

Editor | Svilena Iotkovska

Released on October 29th, 2019 and directed by Phil Grabsky, Leonardo: The Works marks the 500th anniversary of the renowned artist’s death. This film, a quite literal Exhibition on Screen, provides viewers with an Ultra HD quality of Leonardo da Vinci’s art – that is, not only the artists’ paintings but his notebooks and drawings as well. Some of the paintings which are exhibited in this film include The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Lady with an Ermine, Virgin of the Rocks and Salvator Mundi.

The method of filming employed allows the audience to experience the artworks in a brand-new way as the director uses extreme close-ups to portray details which are otherwise difficult to perceive even if the painting is physically present in front of the viewer. In addition to the use of this filming technique, the works of art which are displayed on screen are accompanied by commentaries by leading experts and academics from all over the world. These commentaries make the audience feel as though they truly are a part of a guided tour at an exhibition – the only difference being that through this film, they are presented with a much closer and detailed view of the works of art.

In the process of shooting extreme close-ups

The use of the soundtracks which accompany the ‘exhibition on screen’ fit perfectly as the director’s choice of music seems to transport the viewers back to the times of the Renaissance; that is, the period in which da Vinci produced his artworks. It is clear that there has been a tremendous amount of research behind the making of Leonardo: The Works as the film has been shot on multiple locations across the world including Italy, France, USA, England, Scotland, Poland and Russia.

Leonardo: The Works Trailer

Leonardo: The Works is not to be missed if you are an art lover who wants to know more about the history behind Leonardo da Vinci’s art of the Renaissance.  

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