Pietro Cataudella’s Innovative Art Project: CityLiveSketch

Svilena Iotkovska | Editor

Pietro Cataudella’s CityLiveSketch project was started in the summer of 2014 and has now grown to acquire over 98,700 followers on Instagram. The Italian artist and illustrator plays tricks on the viewer’s mind by creating part-real, part-illustrated images inspired by his two greatest passions: photography and drawing.

When approached by The Founder, Cataudella explained that he ‘started this artistic project because [he] wanted to combine [his] passion for photography and drawing, creating images that always include a notebook with [his] drawings that represent or modify reality’.

The CityLiveSketch project is best known for Cataudella’s three-dimensional representations of famous buildings and monuments; however, his work is not limited to architectural drawings and photography and extends further to include Disney characters and everyday objects.

‘I find inspiration in everything I see, from monuments to everyday objects. Today this project is also my work, as I work with international agencies and brands. I continue to make these images because I want to show the world in a different way, to excite and make people think’.

Pietro Cataudella
Eiffel Tower
Source: CityLiveSketch Instagram
Cheshire Cat and London Tower Bridge
Artwork titled: ‘London Smile’
Source: CityLiveSketch Instagram
Source: CityLiveSketch Instagram
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Source: CityLiveSketch Instagram

The full collection of Pietro Cataudella’s work can be found on Instagram at https://instagram.com/CityLiveSketch and on Facebook at https://facebook.com/CityLiveSketch.

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