Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister: Boris Johnson

Svilena Iotkovska | Editor

As of July 2019, the UK’s former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, is Britain’s new Prime Minister and leader of the Tory party.

His stance on Brexit has evoked worry in the nation, as he has promised to deliver Brexit by the 31st of October with or without a deal. This ‘do or die’ approach and the possibility of a no-deal Brexit has caused concern, protests and negative reactions from people all over Britain.

According to CNN, when in Scotland, Boris Johnson was ‘booed by pro-European and pro-Scottish independence supporters’. In Wales, people were concerned about the PM’s failure to provide the nation with a plan for the consequences of a no-deal Brexit. Similarly, fear and concern have been instilled in Northern Ireland as the country fears that a no-deal Brexit could mean the erection of borders. As a result, protesters greeted Johnson with signs which read: ‘Brexit means borders’.

However, Boris Johnson has told The Sun that he wishes to put an end to Britain’s three year-long ‘diet of miserabilism’. Having made numerous promises regarding post-Brexit Britain, Johnson aims to address the issues which have been ignored for the past three years. Some of these promises include the cutting of taxes and the increase in spending on infrastructure, education, police and broadband.

Nonetheless, people are sceptical about the PM’s promises as the possibility of a no-deal Brexit could mean that the UK’s economy could face a recession and consequently, lack the funds to successfully realise Johnson’s promises.

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