Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy

Student Writer| Tia Hudson

He is a father, he is a husband, and he is a key figure in the world of fashion. After appointing himself as ‘the most influential person in footwear at the moment’, Kanye West’s ‘YEEZY’ collaboration with Adidas, Balmain, and other worldwide brands has exceeded the public’s expectations significantly. The company currently has a net worth of one billion dollars and has been described as ‘ground-breaking’ by Forbes. The collaboration will forever be thought of as creative, inspirational, and unforgettable.

TheYeezybrand originally started off in footwear. The first shoe’s name and design was finalised in 2015, and was known as the ‘Yeezy Boost 350’. The launch of the shoe was highly anticipated by the public and Kanye West’s fan base. Two years later, they were exclusively released in New York City, and were available online through the Adidas app. Both the online ad in store launches were both incredibly successful, the online release in particular which sold out in 10 minutes at $350 for each pair. The consumers were drawn to this first pair of shoes due to the fact that they are comfortable and stylish, something that is difficult to obtain in footwear as a designer. The tan brown colour is also very neutral, and would go well with a multitude of outfits. Since this launch, the footwear line has expanded into boots and transparent heels and sandals, which sell out with each launch that is announced.

Aside from the shoe collaboration with Adidas, the Yeezybrand has expanded into clothes individually and with alternative collaborations with major clothing brands.Yeezy most famously collaborated with the luxury French fashion house Balmain and debuted their collection entitled ‘Season Three’ in Madison Square Gardens in front of 20,000 people. The show consisted of A-List supermodels such as Naomi Campbell. Each model was instructed not to walk, smile or pose when on stage, but stand still on the stage for 90 minutes so their clothes could be observed in full detail. Vogue’s editor and chief Anna Wintour was also in attendance of the famous fashion show. West explained to Anna that when designing this line, he ‘just want[ed] to bring as much beauty to the world as possible’.

The newest Yeezy collection, however, was a somewhat disappointment to the consumers and fans of Kanye West. This year, it is evident that the brand has focused more on their clothes than their shoes, but there is a lack of range in their new collection online, as it mainly consists of jackets. West has brought out new puffer, denim, and sherpa jackets, but has not updated any of his trousers or shoes for unknown reasons. This is an interesting move which is perhaps strategic to keep the consumers on their toes in anticipation for the next season. If so, then the plan is working.

The future of Yeezy appears very bright. They have had an abundant amount of success, and it is exciting to see what they will come out with next, and how the public will receive it. If there’s one concept Yeezyalways manages to do, it is keep their audience entertained and satisfied.

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