Diego Cusano: Fantasy Researcher

Student Writer | Svilena Iotkovska

Diego Cusano, Italian illustration artist and self-titled ‘Fantasy Researcher’, produces art that challenges the way we view everyday objects and offers a creative perspective on ordinary life. Cusano rejects the title of an artist. In an interview with Kanbini, he says ‘Nowadays, anyone can be an artist. No, I’m more of a “fantasy researcher”: every day I get up and look for an object and think of how to represent it in my own way, outside of reality and its constraints. Everything is a question mark, I don’t want to be living a routine.’

As seen in his artwork, Cusano uses a variety of different real-life objects and materials, adding them onto his sketches and drawings in order to render his work more interesting and unique. Cusano shares new illustrations daily on his Instagram profile (@diego_cusano) and he has 1,340 posts that show the various materials he employs in his art. Some of these materials and objects include pencil shavings, food, coffee, fruits, vegetables, male contraception, insects and tools, amongst many others. On his Facebook profile, Cusano explains that he found the inspiration for his work once he began looking at things in a different way and he writes: ‘Objects change their native function, through the graphic, to a new, different, unpredictable function. I always try to “re-invent” myself.’

Diego Cusano’s illustrations invite their audience to look at what may seem to be dull, lifeless, everyday objects in a completely brand-new way. His entertaining and original artwork achieves exactly what it sets out to do. On his social media platforms, Cusano states his only aim: ‘I would like to give smiles, when people look at my works’.

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