‘Fairies Never Die’, Anon.

Fairies Never Die

As we lollop as one
Into the darkness, never the sun,
We find comfort in fear.
With the loneliness and guilt we sleep here
Because it’s as soft as a knife,
And hey, who doesn’t love a knife?
It cuts off the delusional life
Which beats in sync with reality.
But as the drum beats harder,
And the dark becomes darker
And the pain strains tighter
Until there is not possibly any luck of finding a touch of happiness –
It appears.
An almost miniscule but not quite
And the light is a fairy
A timid one, who yes may sometimes run,
But after a while of fear,
After a while of tears,
She shows you better ways.
She stays.
She conquers the days of depression and sadness,
of nerves and flatness.
The fairy’s name is Determination.
A funny name maybe, but
Determination will always save me.

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