What Comes After Social Media Gathers the World

Thomazeau Cyril | RHUL Alumni, and Founder of BELEAF

Social media and its gathering of the world is transforming the way we behave and work together. From this has arisen the trend towards collective goodness, a much-needed hand to help manoeuvre political uncertainties. The UK plagued with Brexit negotiations dominates the discussions and headlines. Similarly, America has its topic of uncertainty, President Donald Trump. Society longs to get their point of view across, with a demand beginning to be met by new and innovative platforms. Consolidation of public opinion is emerging, moving a passive society towards a proactive and empowered humanity.

Consolidation of public opinion is emerging, moving a passive society towards a proactive and empowered humanity.

The dawn of the digital era with Twitter and Facebook have allowed the public to voice their opinions and spark controversial discussions on any given topic. For the most part, the social media platforms have been a huge success in giving a voice to people. It is allowing public opinion to flourish however keeps the internet somewhat cluttered and unorganised in its thoughts, much like a convulsing release of opinions that cannot be analysed nor measured. The good news is that it has resulted in the emergence of specialised platforms like YouGov that both lead social discussion and facilitate civic participation, as we look to the future. The future orientates towards society led by social opinion, where society is given the tools to freely and simply take part in improving itself. Society’s thoughts will be channelled and organised through a platform through which deep reflection brings about factual understanding of both sides of the story. A place that shows the decision-makers exactly what the public wants.

Platforms such as YouGov and Change.org are initial attempts to give structure to public opinion and empower people to promote change. These each cater to particular parts of social empowerment in their own way. Uniquely so far, BELEAF a UK news and campaigns platform, is attempting to bring all aspects of social empowerment together with its “Awareness, Mobilisation, Action” approach. It provides awareness through fact-based summarised articles and its crowdsourced reasons for and against each side of the story. It allows digital mobilisation whereby people get to vote to agree or disagree specifically with the decision taking place in the news. It keeps score of the public opinion and gives a real-time perspective of what society wants. Campaigns following what you believe in are then suggested for the individual and the group to take action. It gives the UK a vision of the future and how public opinion can be organised into a simple and interactive platform.

Society is beginning to awaken to the world of possibility and opportunity it has long kept dormant. We see emerging powerful tools that give a chance for people to voice their opinion and describe how they want the world they live in to look like. The future is approaching, and together we can create positive change for us all.

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