Geography Department’s New Recycling Opportunities

Editor | Cassandra Lau

Royal Holloway’s Geography Department have outdone themselves this month by providing the department with extra opportunities for recycling!

You can now recycle: old spectacles, used postage stamps, and Crisp Packets

Old Spectacles/Glasses

Image result for old used glasses
Source: Shutterstock

We have started a collection for Vision Aid Overseas.

Where? Photocopying/Post Room in Q163

“This is a one-off collection and we’d like to send the collected glasses at the beginning of March so please make contributions by the end of February.”


Used Postage Stamps

Image result for old used stamps
Source: Reduce Reuse Recycle

National or International are both welcomed! There are many charities who could benefit from these used stamps.

Where? Photocopying/Post Room in Q163

“This is an ongoing collection. Our next nominated donation is for Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare.”


Terracyle Crisp Packet Recycling

Where? Queens Building Foyer

This box is for any used, preferably empty, crips packets.

When full and shipped to Terracycle the packets will be separated by plastic type, cleaned and extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products. This is hopefully an ongoing collection but will be monitored to see how it goes.

This shows great initiative from the department! The idea of recycling to benefit charities, and/or to be reused later on is a wonderfully efficient way of tackling the university’s somewhat overwhelmed recycling bins.

Hope to see more of this across departments!

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