Why Living Off Campus Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Student | Rebecca Williams

Living on campus is most certainly the easy option – no bills to pay and pretty much everything is on your doorstep. Not to mention the cleaners. Waking up five minutes before a lecture begins does not even stop you from going. The convenience levels of living on campus are through the roof, but its accessibility to lectures and seminars may be its downfall. Living off campus, comes with its challenges: bills, landlords and worst of all the earlier alarms, let alone the trek to campus. It is this trek, however, that makes living off campus the most beneficial for students. Say you live a fifteen-minute walk to campus. That is fifteen minutes there and fifteen minutes back. Maybe you go home to get some lunch before your afternoon lectures, which means you can add on another thirty minutes walking for the day. That is an hours-worth of exercise without even thinking about putting on joggers or going to the gym.

Walking is, of course, not the most strenuous activity. And all the fitness nutters may think the walk does you no good at all in comparison to a run or a bike ride. The benefits are, of course, not as great, but every little bit of exercise will do the world of good for anyone. In a busy schedule, when everyone seems to always be behind on readings and deadlines, it is an opportunity to exercise without sacrificing any extra time in your day. As mentioned, there are endless benefits to living on campus but when comparing it to living off campus it just falls short in the activity category.

The physical benefits to exercise such as walking are known to almost everyone. Weight management probably being the go-to positive for most people. Aside from physical benefits, however, walking twenty to thirty minutes a day also has many mental benefits. Physical activity is a well-known way to improve mental health, and with high profile charities such as Heads Together fronted by the young the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as the Duke of Sussex, this benefit one that could not be passed over. The stress levels that modern day university students have to deal with are higher than ever before, so taking twenty minutes out of your day to be able to think and not worry that you are not studying at that very moment is a such a crucial factor in why living off of campus is a fantastic way to improve your overall health.

It can be a struggle to have to wake up earlier and rush out the door to make sure you are not walking into the lecture theatre ten minutes late with the eyes of everyone on you. When this is put aside, the benefits of having to walk to campus are endless and will only do good for a student, both physically and mentally.

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