Guide to Long Distance Friendships

Lifestyle Writer | Amy Butcher

University can lead to some big changes in your friendships. You’ll meet a LOT of new friends, but that doesn’t mean you completely disregard the old ones. Your school friends might now be dotted all around the country… some may have even ventured ‘up north’, or abroad as they go to find themselves on their gap year. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, taking these steps will ensure your friendship remains well intact.

Social media is key to keeping in touch. We are the generation that has been blessed with the likes of FaceTime, Skype and Facebook. Watch the miles simply melt away with the simple power of your fingertips. Scheduling chats at the same time each week always sounds like a great idea in Fresher’s week… then lectures begin and suddenly every week looks different, who knows when you’ll be napping? Don’t put pressure on yourself to have these set scheduled talks, it can turn the friendship into a ‘chore’. If you’re worried about having withdrawal symptoms, then Snapchat streaks are a great way to keep up with your friends every day. If the worst happens and you miss a day, then email Snapchat telling them your connection was poor and they will re-instate your streak… I’m talking from experience; desperate times call for desperate measures!

Of course, you’re probably well aware of the social media and are already using it to keep the distance to a minimum. What about going old fashioned though? Nothing is more thoughtful than a hand-written letter… or a MoonPig typed equivalent. Surprising your friends with ACTUAL post can be pretty exciting at university, it makes a break from the endless ASOS and Amazon parcels. Whether it’s a birthday card, moving-in card, invitation or cute care package it is bound to bring you and your bestie closer despite the distance. That gold post-box by the Windsor building actually works, so give it a go!

One of the best things to remember is that things will change. Going from seeing someone every day for years and years, to be separated for months at a time- there will be some adjustments. You might feel a bit pushed out or isolated, seeing them with all their new friends plastered all over social media. Have faith in your friendship and the value of the memories you have made together throughout the years. You’ll both make loads of new friends but it’s just as important to value your friendships from home, the distance could strengthen your relationship because it highlights how special the time is that you do have together.

These steps should really help you keep all your friendships strong- whether they be old, new, close or far. If all else fails, remember you’ll be back for Christmas before you know it and you can shower them with chocolate and reminisce about the good old days… it’s a great back-up plan!


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