Why it’s not too late to take part in Veganuary

Molly Williams | Arts & Culture Editor


I’m a firm believer that the best resolutions are the ones we don’t make on first day of the year. Hungover and tired, the type of people that still manage to haul themselves to the gym, or start the novel they’ve been talking about, are ethereal beings with self-control beyond the human realm. If you’re still looking for the ‘New Year, New You’ that will have your family and friends quaking in their wellies, have I got the resolution for you.

Go vegan.  

Hold on, stay with me. Whilst veganism has been on the incline over the past few years, many began their dairy-free journeys with the humble promise to adopt the vegan lifestyle for the first month of the year. Veganuary. The benefits of going vegan are endless. Beyond benefitting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, saving animals from slaughter and supporting more sustainable food industries, you’ll also annoy Piers Morgan.

Now I have you hooked, let’s get into the details. Going vegan is a lot easier than many people think, especially with top Supermarkets expanding their ‘Free From’ ranges at a faster rate than ever. It’s also not impossible on a budget. You’ll save a lot of money not giving into the urge to get a takeaway every other night. Also, many meatless products are much cheaper than the meat alternatives.


Small swaps are the best way to ease into the vegan lifestyle:

Instead of butter, try a dairy-free alternative.

Instead of honey, use golden syrup.

Instead of fox hunting, take a trip to the cinema.

Your social life need not suffer at the whims of your new lifestyle. These simple swaps can also be applied to eating out – most, if not all, popular restaurants cater to vegan diets. From meat-style burgers with vegan cheese from Gourmet Burger Kitchen, to the oodles of noodles available in Wagamama – there are always delicious options available. In 2019, it is easier to be vegan than ever. You don’t have to suffer with bland salads and plain tofu – not anymore. The negative misconceptions of veganism as being pushy and fuelled by aggression have overshadowed the marvellous rise in vegan options. So, jumpstart your 2019 by making more conscious choices when it comes to consumption. Become good for the environment.

An extra splash of milk

Here’s something they don’t teach you in vegan school. Non-dairy milks are good for different things. This is the hardest thing you will learn on your journey to become a non-dairy consuming icon. Soy has done a lot for the vegan community, don’t get me wrong. It’s the friend that’s always there, but you don’t have to talk to them everyday because they’ll always have your back – no matter what. As you embark on Veganuary, give other milks a go.

The best milks for different things.

Oat – Coffee, Tea

Cashew (or Soy, if you must) – Tea

Almond – Cereal, baking

Coconut – Smoothies



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