Announcement: National Storytelling Week Competition

What is National Storytelling Week?

National Storytelling Week is the celebration of differing means of story telling. From ancient oral storytelling to written or drawn methods, its aim is to empower the narrator and support the unique bond between the story teller and listener.

So what’s the deal?

For 7 days of the week from 26th January to 2nd February, there will be 7 awards for 7 winning creative pieces. They will be shortlisted by editors of The Founder and The Orbital; the final winning pieces will be awarded by four judges.

Our four judges alongside their advice will be revealed next week, so keep in touch for more exciting information!

Who can submit?

Everyone from Royal Holloway, University of London! If you can write, sing, dance, act, film, direct, draw: you can submit.

What are the submission guidelines?

A 250-word description of your piece is either optional or required. It should detail why you have made the decisions you have.

Written Piece
i.e. short stories, poems, scripts, etc.

  • Maximum length: 2,500 words
  • Format: PDF 
  • Description: Optional

Photography Piece

  • Maximum length: 1 image.
  • Format: JPG
  • Description: Required

Performed Piece (Visual)
i.e. drama, dance, film, etc.

  • Maximum length: 3 minutes
  • Format: MP4
  • Description: Required
  • Photographs: Required

Performed Piece (Oral)
i.e. poetry, music, etc.

  • Maximum length: 3 minutes
  • Format: MP3 
  • Description: Optional
  • Photograph: Optional

What information do we need?

  1. Name (if you wish to be published anonymously, please tell us so in the e-mail)
  2. Course, Year
  3. University E-mail
  4. Piece Genre

Who do I submit to?

You have the option to send it to and/or

When is the deadline?

11 January 2019, 11:00 P.M.

Why should you submit?

It’s a chance to get your work out there! All shortlisted and awarded pieces will be published on The Founder and The Orbital sites as well as put into a booklet. Photographs of performed pieces alongside quotes from descriptions will be included.


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