Summary: The Founder’s Fair

Editor| Cassandra Lau

2 October 2018 | Library Event Space | 12:30 – 13:30

Many thanks to all those who made an effort to come to The Founder’s Fair! Here are a few notes for those who did not make it or for those who want to know more about us.

The Founder Fair Highlights. / Film by Marketing Director, Sally Gibbs

Part I


We are Royal Holloway, University of London’s Independent Newspaper. Founded in 2006 by a group of students, it has no obligations to the university or its student union. This provides students with an open platform to express the thoughts, opinions and share their passions with readers.

We have eight sections in total: News, Opinion & Debates, Features, Lifestyle, Arts: Literary Reviews; Arts: Arts & Culture, Film, Music, and Sports.

For the more confusing sections:

  • News

Since 2006, only news editors and the editor-in-chief have been permitted to write news articles. However, with the rise of ‘alternative facts’, and ‘fake news’, it important for students to engage with current affairs. As a result, we have a News Shadowing Programme, where you will get the opportunity to shadow our News Editor and Deputy News Editor. We are looking for two to three enthusiastic students to shadow our editor, Iffah Ahmed: successful candidates will then automatically be considered for the position of News Editor in the following academic year.

E-mail: along with your CV and a 250 word cover letter.

  • Opinion & Debates 

With current affairs and politics weaving into our every day, this section provides students with an expressive platform to critically engage with current issues and topics. We hope for students to engage in active and strong debates to fuel awareness, and help keep the student body well informed. E-mail our opinion and debates editor ideas or topics you want discussed and debated by us, or yourself.


  • Features

We are looking for long, well-researched pieces that can be published online, or in our printed papers. They can be seasonal, or topics that you find intriguing! Average word count is 700, but words up to 2500 have been published in our Features section online before! We also have an online Features campaign called, B-Aware where a well thought article is published on an awareness day to help promote the cause!Such pieces are often one-off projects, so don’t feel pressured to commit to this section in the long run. E-mail if you have an idea, and we can talk it through.

*title: Features_Name_Topic

We also have an Online Editor, Thomas Conlon, and Designer, Helena Keeble who help present The Founder, and a Marketing Department, directed by Sally Gibbs, and managed by Isobel Sanderson.

For more details on who our section editors are, check out our About page.



As mentioned above, we are not affiliated with the university of its student union, so there are no restrictions or requirements if you want to join our team!

We look for good content over good writing skills, as we have a skilled team of editors to help edit, and assist you through the process of writing an article. By working with several editors, you will also be able to understand the differing techniques and approaches for differing purposes, and target audiences.

By working with us, you will get a front-row experience: private screenings, press release musicals and plays, as well as new music prior to release! This month, Literary Review Editor, Rachel Farguson, and I have been invited to attend a new West End opening of Macbeth, presented by the National Youth Theatre’s REP Company.

You will also be able to connect and network with other likeminded students within the team, and at events, shows, and gatherings! Devoted journalists will also get a reference letter from their section editor, and outstanding individuals will get a reference letter and endorsement from the editor-in-chief. This is great if you are applying for jobs in any field of work!

It is also always a bonus to see your work published: if you have any side projects that you’ve been waiting to share with the world, send it over and we can help proof-read, and look over your structure before publishing it online!



Last but not least, in accordance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the e-mail addresses you provide The Founder with will be saved to our contact database, and used solely for communication purposes. The e-mail provided will receive information regarding any meetings, events, or potential press opportunities, and will be used to send articles from.

There are leaflets around campus, i.e. Boilerhouse Cafe, Library Front Desk, International Building, with information about our sections, and we also have free grid notebooks and pencils for those who are interested in writing for us!


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