Tay-King life for granted: The life of TAY-K

Content Writer | Sami Derfoufi

Eighteen-year-old Taymor McIntyre, Tay-K, is an American rapper from Arlington, Texas. In March 2016, he released a song entitled ‘Megaman’ which generated national attention due to his arrest shortly after its release. He was charged for capital murder and robbery, but more on that later. Following this on July 4th he released a digital mixtape entitled ‘#<3Tay-K47’ which gained very little attention at the time. He then co-signed a record deal with RCA and Sony and released his debut project ‘#SantanaWorld’. After its release, he recorded what is known as his breakout song ‘The Race’. Subsequently, he re-released his debut album, but with ‘The Race’ on the track list, and was later confined to prison.

Tay_K_3tay-k47-front-largeAfter listening to his album, I feel Tay-K had a lot of potential, his album was versatile and well written as a whole. His flow is on point for most of the project and his hooks are very catchy. Additionally, it links from track to track very well. The overall theme of the project, vulgar as it is, is consistent and apparent. Unfortunately, what we don’t see from Tay-K is his ability to use wordplay or any real intellect in his songs. His hooks and the beats are carrying many of the songs and I feel his verses seem rushed or maybe even half finished. I feel if he had spent more time on his verses his bars would be better written.

Tay-K’s legal history is so eventful it could be a Netflix series. As of writing, this history is as follows: In July 2016, a drug dealer by the name of Ethan Miller is shot and killed in a failed robbery. Tay-K is placed under house arrest and is charged with capital murder and attempted robbery. In March 2017, while awaiting trial, he breaks off his ankle tag, flees the area and becomes a fugitive. On the 30th of June, he releases ‘The Race’ where he talks about life on the run. The first line of the hook reading: “F*ck a beat, I was trying to beat a case/But I ain’t beat that case, b*tch I did the race”. Additionally, he talks about doing more crimes such as robbing a man’s shoes. Unfortunately for Tay-K, his fame was short-lived, later the same day he was found, arrested and charged with an additional murder charge for the death of Mark Saldiva. He is also charged with the robbery of Mr. Saldiva’s car and the police announce he will be trialled as an adult despite being 17 at the time of the second set of charges (16 for the first).  In February 2018 Tay-K’s associate, who planned the robbery, pled guilty for being an accomplice to the crimes back in 2016 and is sentenced to 20 years in prison. Furthermore, in May 2018 Tay-k was sued for $1million by the family of the murder victims for making profits on the death of their loss.

Tay-k is currently fighting this legal battle and is maintaining his innocence. We will have to see what will happen. But, in my opinion, after seeing what happened to rappers such as Gucci Mane, who have also been found on the wrong side of the law, there will be more of this story to come. One thing is for certain, crime undoubtedly overshadows Tay-K’s art.

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