Commuting to University: The Essential

Content Writer | Amy Butcher

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or just starting out with commuting there are a few basic essentials that you will find you need. Hopefully your journey to and from Royal Holloway will run smoothly but if you’re travelling most days it is likely you will encounter a few tricky situations. Having a few of these things to hand will hopefully make facing these a little easier and they might remind you of what you need to grab before your next journey!

One of the most important emergency supplies you will need when commuting is a portable charger for your phone. These are lifesavers especially when you’re on the train and realise the plug wasn’t switched on last night… it happens to the best of us! You won’t have to worry anymore and will be able to continue scrolling your entire journey.

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A couple other commuting essentials include tissues, hand sanitiser and water. You never know when you’re going to need one of these- or all of them! There are lots of different situations that suddenly occur on the train and usually one of these will provide a temporary solution, whether that is a sudden headache, a drink spillage or you’ve just touched underneath your seat… it’s best to never do that one.

Photo of hand sanitiser


Not only is your phone vital for entertainment on your commute but it can be really useful to keep you up to date with the travel updates. I know that it’s not the most exciting news, but when you’re stuck at Egham station after a 5pm lecture you’ll want to know what is holding you up. Following the train companies on social media and downloading the right train transport apps are great for keeping you up-to-date in case there are any problems with your journey.

Click here for the National Rail App

Snacks are also crucial for any good commute. Whether you’re choosing breakfast bars in the morning or a cheeky cookie on the way home- you’ll be grateful for either when those journeys start feeling a little too long. I’ve already mentioned bringing some bottled water with you which is always a great idea, in case you’re stuck on one of those really stuffy old trains. If you don’t have any snacks or water, make sure you keep some spare change on you for when the real hunger strikes.

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Right, so you’ve got your emergency supplies, travel precautions and some food… so now you just need something to do on your commute! You might be a social media scroller and that’s fine for some journeys, but you’ll get bored after a while. Instead, use this time wisely maybe to enjoy listening to your favourite artist’s latest album or even try a new podcast. Having something on in your earphones can really help speed up a slow journey and make it fly by. It is also nice to take some time just to breathe and take a mental check on how you’re doing whilst staring out the window. You might even want to use this time to put your phone on airplane mode and catch up with some university reading!

These are a couple of things that are essential when commuting to university, as they all help give you a more peaceful journey. There will be a few other unique things that you’ll find you need or things that become clearer throughout winter. Commuting can be a really interesting experience as everyday something different can happen, that’s why it is important to be prepared.





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