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Content Writer | Erin Offord

After the fun, slightly chaotic mayhem that is freshers’ week, you’ll find yourself soon settled into University, and sure enough, it’ll be time to start that first assignment. It’s important to get yourself into a healthy mindspace when it comes to studying and essay writing, and so, here is an insight into some of the best places to study on Campus.

There are a number of great cafes to study on campus, starting with the Boilerhouse cafe located between the Moore and International Building. This cosy artisan style cafe is a perfect balance of traditional combined with the modern. It’s design within a Victorian building, which retains its original brick walls, gives a snug atmosphere (especially in the winter months). However, it’s modern extension brings a great amount of light and space to the cafe due to the numerous windows. In the warmer months, head outside to the benches in the Boilerhouse courtyard and work in the sunshine! This cafe is filled with a buzzing yet calm atmosphere, making it a wonderful place to study. Feel free to fuel your brain with a snack from their delicious range of food, including vegan and gluten free options. This cafe is open 8:30-11pm weekdays.



If you fancy studying in an area with a more modern, vibrant atmosphere, head over to Imagine. This fun and hip cafe is located underneath The Hub, and is known as one of Royal Holloway’s ‘hidden gems’. The cafe opens up into a large, colourful space filled with sofas, tables and swing chairs, making it a place of youth and vibrancy. Not only is this a great place to study, but also a fun place to hang out with friends after a long day of lectures. Feel free to write or doodle on the cafe’s huge whiteboard (it may help relieve stress!). Or perhaps take a break from your essay writing and enjoy some sushi with a Pearl’s Bubble tea! Imagine serves a huge range of Bubble Tea, as well as Starbucks. This cafe is open 11am- Midnight Mon-Sat, and 11am-8pm Sunday.

The Imagine Cafe at Royal Holloway University London (RHUL).
By rhulisc.com


A good place to study on campus is of course the Royal Holloway library, found within Emily Wilding Davison Building, open 24/7. There are numerous areas where your studying can take place. Many locations within the library will offer fantastic views whilst you work, whether it be of Founders or of the large woodlands! The views will not disappoint. If you require somewhere more closed off and private, the individual desks found on levels one and two give a great sense of personal space. These are brilliant work spaces for a very focused and undisturbed study session. On the top floor, head out onto the balcony for a breath of fresh air whilst you study. This location also offers a brilliant view of the campus! The library also offers numerous group study rooms, helpful for those group tasks. When in need of a break, just head down to Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee or sandwich.

By RHUL Library 

These places on Campus will offer a great location when you need to knuckle down and finish that essay. Their friendly and healthy atmospheres will help you study at your best and produce you best results for your work at Royal Holloway!



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