Royal Holloway celebrates 100 years since women gained the right to vote

Rosa Smith

Renowned for its historical suffragette connections, RHUL honoured the 100-year anniversary of some women gaining the right to vote, alongside a year of suffragette related celebrations.

On February 7, Drama students dressed as suffragettes were seen across campus, performing processions, interventions, and monologues, to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote.

The activities ran alongside the exhibition in the Emily Wilding Davison building that explores the stories of ‘unknown women’ who were integral to the suffrage campaign, and how education affected the suffrage movement.

The exhibition features previously unseen artefacts, such as diaries, photographs, and letters, all belonging to the women who fought for their right to vote.

With many famous suffragette alumni, including Emily Wilding Davison, Royal Holloway is proud to acknowledge the critical part that being one of the first colleges to give women access to higher education played in giving women the vote.

History student Elena Rossi told The Founder: ‘The exhibition includes some fantastic documents and objects from the university archives. As Royal Holloway was one of the first women only colleges, it is empowering to see the college’s involvement in the suffrage movement, as well as the opposition by certain students.

‘It is definitely worth visiting the suffrage exhibition as it will only be there for a little while longer and everyone should learn about the powerful and determined alumni of Royal Holloway.’

Izza Shaheed, secretary of Royal Holloway’s Feminist Society also told The Founder: ‘It’s great that suffrage events are going on as it not only raises awareness of what the suffragettes did, but gives us an opportunity to appreciate how far women’s rights have come – however, it’s important to also think about how much more needs to be done.’

The exhibition will be running until March 17 and admission is free.

Rosa Smith, News Editor

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