SU opens vote to back UCU strike

A vote to back UCU’s industrial action has been opened to students following the submission of a motion to the Student’s Union Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 21 February.

In its announcement of the vote, the Student Union states that: “The motion calls on us to give full and public support to the UCU industrial action and lobby the University to oppose the changes to the USS pension.

“If this motion is passed, the Students’ Union will:

  • Encourage students to show solidarity with their lecturers by asking you not to attend lectures and seminars and not use services still in operation on strike days.
  • Encourage you to join the staff picket lines that will be set up on those days.
  • Ensure frustration around these strikes in directed towards College management rather than lecturers themselves.”

The motion was proposed by Courtney Fisher and seconded by Abby King.

Usually, a motion would be passed if there are 100 ordinary members present in accordance with the SU’s constitution, however as fewer than 100 were present an online vote seeking the opinions of all students has been initiated.

Voting closes at 10.30 am on Thursday 22 February.

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